La Scala
Apartment 1
Via Ceppari 31
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La scala means a long and straight stairway in Italian and leads you up to the apartment. “La Scala” is also the name of the world famous opera house in Milano. What is the connection between this famous name and the apartment? It is because Virgilio Bianconi’s grandparents once lived here! Virgilio is an opera singer. A local talent, who gladly performs at small unique theaters, including Panicales own “La Scala”
The apartment was built after the last siege of the town in 1642 inside the old defence walls. It was restored in 1998, the kitchen again as late as in 2002. It has three rooms and a kitchen, in all sleeps five: one double bed and three single beds. The livingroom has a fireplace and a balcony. Washing machine and TV.

"La scala" leading to the apartment

View from the master bedroom

Bedroom with single beds

Master bedroom with double bed

Master bedroom with double bed

Living-room                                                                                                                                    Kitchen



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