La Stalla
Apartment 2
Via Ceppari 33
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The stable in Italy may not only shelter horses. Once, not so long ago, below the present wall and side stairway on the stamped earthen floor, La Stalla sheltered poultry, a pig and a donkey. The animals were led across the lush grassy slopes from Viale Regina Margherita. Now, La Stalla is a cozy apartment with pastoral charm and views. The apartment dates back to the 17th Century and was built inside the old defence wall after the last siege of the town in 1642. It was restored in1998. It has two big rooms with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and sleeps three: two in a double bed and one on a couch, separate by a curtain. Washing machine and TV. The garden to share with guests from n.5, if any.

Two steps take you up to the living room

A flight of stairs takes you down to the bedroom and the garden.

Bedroom with double bed

Garden and entrance from Viale Regina Margherita

Medieval loophole in the 4 meter-thick defence wall

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