La Principessa
Apartment 3
Via Ceppari 37a
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Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess Moira Rodrigo of Malaysia, once stayed in this small and charming apartment when she came to Panicale in the fall of 2004 to participate in the olive harvest. She graced the apartment with her royal touch and consequently, it is now called ”La Principessa” in her honor. Don’t worry, there is only one mattress and there are no peas (no olives either) hidden beneath the mattress!

The apartment dates back to the 13th Century and is built on the old defence wall. It was used as storage place for olive oil and wine.  An inscription in the wall from 1697 tells that the were a well dug  collecting rain water from the roofs.
It was restored to be an apartment in 1988 and consists of two rooms: one bedroom with a double bed, a small dining room and kitchen. The bathroom has a tub. Washing machine.
The big garden to share with guests from n.6 and n.4, if any.

Entrance from the garden (Viale Regina Margherita) through the old defence wall

Bedroom with double bed                                        The garden in winter

Dining room with the entrance to the garden, the kitchen and the bedroom.

Mrs Gun Lundborg Cesarini with Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess Moira Rodrigo of Malaysia

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