Apartment 4
Via Ceppari 37b
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This large and imposing apartment is named after Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Lucien Bonaparte.A long and lasting friendship between his decendents and the Cesarini family made it possible to obtain several pieces of very luxurious furniture and the marble border of the fireplace from the Boneparte home in Canino. When the renovation of the apartment was completed in 1988, it was furnished with these treasures and now is called Bonaparte. The apartment, from the 13th century, is built on the defence wallHere the Cesarinis pressed their grapes and their olives. The fruits were passed from the outside street through the windows, which had stone chutes. The apartment has four rooms and a big kitchen and sleeps five: two  double beds and a single bed on a couch downstairs in the TV-room. There is a washing machine. The big garden to share with guests from n.6 and n.3, if any.

Chaise longue in the sitting room belonging to Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother.

Twothousand year old amphora



Bedroom with double bed

Study with fire place from Lucien Bonaparte's home in Canino

In this bedroom, the farmers stored apples, maize, potatoes, garlic and onions. Its beautiful 800-year-old roof has handmade bricks and original beams.


A medieval niche has an old wooden Virgin-statue


The old outside town wall with black spots from the fire in 1642 is now an inner wall in the  kitchen

A flight of stairs down to the tv room and to the garden

View of the study with the fire place and old town wall

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