Il Mulino
Apartment 5
Viale Regina Margherita 12
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Only a few years ago, this house was an olive press, where people from the town could take their olives to be pressed into oil. An old olive press stone is still in the garden leading to the apartment. Today we call the house " the loft", as it consists of a single 80 sqm big room surmounted with an immense beam stretching all over the room. It has a double bed, a couch which can be opened into a double bed, dining table, fire place with sofa, bathroom with shower and a kitchen. Over the bathroom and the kitchen, there is a loft where two tough teenagers can sleep. The garden to share with guests from n.2, if any.

Fireplace with couches, one can be opened to form a bed


View of the room with the beam crossing

    Old cupboard                                                                           Dining room in one corner


  Kitchen with bar 

Staircase leading to the loft


  Entrance from Viale Regina Margherita  

Old oilpress stone

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