La Limonaia
Viale Regina Margherita 20

Apartment 6
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In Umbria, an early morning frost can be a reality during the short winter season. That is why you will not find the citron trees planted in an orchard but in large movable pots. Then, if the night frost comes , the trees can be moved from the garden into the orangery, “La Limonaia”
The Lemonhouse was built in the family house garden in 1920 to store lemon vases during the winter months.
As late as 2001, it was restored and combined with a room below through a winding staircase. It has a bedroom with a desk on the upper floor and a kitchen and bathroom downstairs. Entrance from viale Regina Margherita or from the garden upstairs. The big garden to share with guests from n.3 and n.4, if any. No washing machine and no heating in winter.

Bedroom on the upper floor with a view on Viale

Regina Margherita

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