Ramadan tajalla - رمضان تجلى وابتسم


Ramadan appears smiling
by Sheikh ´Abd al-Wahhab al-Shamliyy al-Sabbagh

Ramadan appears, splendid and smiling
Blessed is the servant who reaps its benefits!
He will please his Master by observing [the acts of worship]
Blessed be the soul for its Taqwa!

Ramadan is a time for good deeds,
Ramadan is a time of blessings,
Ramadan an occasion for prayers,
By which the soul rises to its Lord.

Ramadan is a time for purifying the soul,
Ramadan is a time of joy,
Ramadan is the guide to put things right,
In this life and the life to come.

Ramadan amends the shortcomings
Of people, and their mistakes
May Allah by his Forgivness
Fill the hearts of the Umma with His caring love. 

  Ramadan träder in med ett leende
Sheikh ´Abd al-Wahhab al-Shamliyy al-Sabbagh




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