Love with pure intention - الحب في صدق النية

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Love with pure intention

Love with pure intention
Is the best of qualities that will gain acceptance

Sweet is to me the pure drink
in the presence of "the grey falcon".

Since then my way - how wonderful! - has been
to abandon all apart (from Allah).

Good are my nights full of joy,
drink puring forth from the goblets

Spirits being purified
by breezes from fragrant meadows.

If you are with us, follow us,
and persist in your love with us.

If you ask for what has meaning -
this is the path of the Sufis.

Blessings of our Master, the Creator,
be upon the chosen Prophet,

And the Family, as many times as rains fall,
(to them be) the purest blessings and greetings.

Kärlek med ren avsikt


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