Qul ya ´Azhim anta al-´Azhim – قل يا عظيم

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Say: o Immense
Traditional qasida

Say: o You Immense, You are the Immense,
We are worried by an immense matter,
All matters that worry us
Become easy by Your Name, o Immense.

[O our Lord, by (Sura) Fatiha
And by the people of righteousness
Make tasks successful
For us and all Muslims!

O our Lord, by (Sura) Baqara
And by the people of the ten (qira’at)
Make tasks easy
For us and all Muslims!]

You are the Eternal, from pre-Eternity
You are the All-Aware, Who will never cease to exist
Remove from us what will descend
Of burdens of the momentous Event!

[You] Living, Eternal, Existing
Everlasting, Self-sufficient, Majestic,
Just, One God
Benevolent, Tenderly-loving towards the servants! 
To the Prophet convey, o Lord of Peace
Blessings and (greetings of) peace from us,  
And on the Day of retribution give us peace and safety
From what we fear, o Majesty!

And to the Family and Companions, the Masters
be black and white under their ruie –
And In particular to the one who wiped out the enviers
The sword of God, (Khalid) Ibn al-Walid.

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