Ok, why donate?
I want to stress that you are by no means forced to donate anything - if you want to enjoy my work freely without costs, you are more than welcome to do so. I enjoyed the thousands of hours I spent making these things and updating my webpage, so I hope you will enjoy the fruits of that labour as much as I enjoyed the actual labour.
But if you have a few dollars, euros, kronor, pounds, rubles or whatever your local currency is left over, you could donate a bit if you feel it is worth it.

What will the money go to? Well, first of all, I will pay server space with it, next the Internet bill. After that, I will buy the owner of the teathree server a beer or two since he allows me to host enormous amount of smacks there now that the server space I pay for is full, for free!
If there is even more money over, I might use it to buy books to make better equipment and new scenarios and campaigns.

So press the button below - it will take you to a paypal donation page where you can use a paypal account or a credit card to donate a small sum.
Thankyou in advance for any contribution!

Contribution count: 4. This has paid for the first three things in the money donation plan, plus the domain! Thanks a million to you generous guys who have donated!

Edited by Mikael Anteskog Adler