What is this?

Panzer General 2 came out in October 1997 but still lives on and thrives through a large and diverse modding community.
Adlerkorps is a mod (modification) to Panzer General 2 and this webpage, also named Adlerkorps, exist to provide the mod and all scenarios and campaigns made for it, as well as all new user-made video and sound for Panzer General 2.
As a mod, Adlerkorps is chiefly new equipment files for Panzer General 2. The equipment files are three files named (in the English version of Panzer General 2) equip97.eqp, equip97.txt and guy97.txt. These files hold all information regarding all units in Panzer General 2 - what graphics, sounds, stats and special abilities they have etc.
Adlerkorps attempts to breathe new life into the game by using new graphics, new sounds, new nations and even a new .exe file to start the game with to allow several new features in the game, all made by enthusiastic and dedicated Panzer General 2 modders and players in a thriving community over the years. Adlerkorps contains literally hundreds of new units, 17 new nations, hundreds of new unit graphics and lots of new features for you to enjoy. Still, Adlerkorps aims to remain true to the originals that made Panzer General 2 so popular when it came out in 1997 - simplicity, easy to learn but hard to master, a feeling for your units and their development and lots and lots of fun.
At the page there are also dozens of new scenarios and campaigns for Adlerkorps created by many designers and hundreds of hours of new things to play, new enemies to conquer and new armies to field.

There are many, many other Panzer General 2 mods - providing an option and a new experience at every occasion, but the Adlerkorps webpage is for Adlerkorps scenarios and campaigns only - to try to encompass all mods and all scenarios and campaigns for it is indeed impossible for one single modder.

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