Hello, and welcome to my website. My name's Lee Comstock, but my internet and artist name is Volcanic-Penguin. I'm located in Stockholm Sweden. I hope you'll find this website interesting. If not, well, you can't please everyone





Where I AmWhere I Want To Be


Where I AmWhere I Want To Be

2d Drawing

Where I AmWhere I Want To Be

3d Modeling

Where I AmWhere I Want To Be

What's the point of life, if not to create art. Well, you might have all kinds of answers to that, but to me, art is the expression of the soul, the physical manifestation of the world within your mind

Check out some of the other sections of this website to see some examples of my artistic work

I'm the father of a beautiful baby girl, Maxine. She now lives in Germany with her mother, but I hope to be able to have her here in Sweden as well. It'll be interesting to see what kind of person she grows up to become

I'm not a super strict Vegan, but I do my best to follow a diet that is in line with the golden rule, to treat others like you would like to be treated. I view it as one of the important components of a free, empathic, sustainable future

Videogames is one of my big passions. It's an art form with the ability to immerse you into a fictional world, escaping reality, but I also believe it can say something about the real world

Either way, some of my best childhood memories come from some classic videogame adventures

As you can see on this website, I'm fully capable of making websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This website also uses JQuery, but all animations are CSS animations

On top of that, I've used AngularJS to create reusable HTML templates

I also know Bootstrap, JQueryUI, Wordpress and LESS

On the backend side of things, I know C#, Java, .NET, MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, structuring relational databases, setting up databases, Web API, WCF, using GitHub, TeamCity, and how to do unit testing

I used to make games in Flash, coding in ActionScript 2 and some ActionScript 3, but have since moved on to making games in Unity, coding in C#. I've also coded an XNA game in C#

Check out the Games section of this website for more about my game development

I love the elegance and expressive potential of 2d art. It's something I'm continually working to get better at. I used to make all my 2d art as Flash vector art, but I'm transitioning to getting better at Photoshop raster art

Here are some examples of my 2d art

Ambient occlusion, lighting, topology, 3d art is fascinating. I do my 3d modeling in Maya, preferably with subdivision surfaces, but I leave the rendering to Blender

Here are some examples of my 3d art

Volcanic Penguin Website

This was my portfolio website before I made the one you're on now. I made it shortly after learning JavaScript

Lee Comstock Website

This was a website design I made as a possible portfolio website, but then decided to start on a new design, namely the one you're on now

Volcanic Penguin Draft

This was a website design I made while learning JavaScript. I then decided to start on a new design


I made this as part of a school assignment

Tik Tak Team Bag

This was a school assignment I did together with a classmate by the name of Stanislav Hallberg

It uses Bootstrap for the menu as well as JQueryUI for drag and drop

Volcanic Penguin Flash Website

I made this before learning JavaScript. There's one version that relies heavily on the Flash player, and one version that is static

I'm currently working at a company called Find-Out Technologies in Stockholm

Find-Out Technologies predominantly creates data visualizations for other companies

Planning Poker

This is a Planning Poker web application I made as part of getting my internship

Mary's Apartment

This is a simple website I made in a day for a couple who wanted to be able to display their available apartment to potential guests


This is a 3d smartphone game where you roll around as a blue raccoon ball, you can even roll up walls and ceilings. It's my first 3d game, so it's been a learning process, but I think it turned out quite well

Available for Android


This is a pretty straightforward spaceship shooter developed in Flash for the web

Loa and the Island Quest

This was my first Flash game, and given that context was pretty ambitious. Developed for the web


This is a gravity twisting, well, twist on the classic Pong game, developed in Flash for the web

Hyper Tennis

This is a simple little one to two player tennis game, developed in Flash for the web

Rubber Skull Ball

This is a simple XNA game I made while learning C#, which you can download and play


This is an ambitious Metroidvania type platformer that's being developed in Flash. It will be my final Flash game

Lufo The Ufo

This is a 2d smartphone highscore game being developed in Unity. It will have a free version and a paid version and will be available for Android


Curvature is my attempt at developing a 3d printed boardgame, which will be sold through the 3d printing website Shapeways.com

Life's a game, enjoy the challenge and fear nothing