This site is about the most beautiful voice on this planet

Bono 360 Tour Campaign!

Now that the tour is get going I ask you all for help in finding new voice moments by Bono and I think there will be alot of them this tour. Because his voice is very strong now and he doing things with it that he never been able to do before.


Welcome to Bono's voice!

This site is only about one thing, Bono's voice. My goal with this site is to find all the amazing moments with Bono's voice live and I NEED YOUR HELP. If you know a highlights that isnt on any of the lists on this site, just mail me at: or just write it on the sites forum.
In the "Highlights live" section you can download a mix of Bonos voice highlights, it is 35 min long but only 32,8 mb in size.


So why a site about his voice, according to a lot of people Bono got the most ordinary voice ever. His range is incredible wide, from a deep low reigster to a high operatic voice and a beautiful powerful falsetto.

The site is just started, so there will be a lot of updates soon and hopefully a totaly different design on the site.

In the "Highlights live" section you are able to download a mix with alot of voice highlights.


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