1984-11-21 - Dortmund Electrical Co In the middle of the song there is a snippet of Amazing Grace, Bono sings the word "Me" strong and holds it for about 4 seconds. Time 3:53 in the clip


1984-11-21 - Dortmund Bad The "Fade Away" line is very strong on this version.


1986-06-15 - East Rutherford Pride, Bad, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Help Bono gives his all in the three songs on this performence. Amazing "Wide Awake" in Bad and he realy hold the notes for long in Sunday Bloody Sunday(much stronger then the Rattle & Hum Movie version. In Help Bono sings the line "Seems To Vanish In The haze"


1989 Tv Performence Wild Irish Rose Bono sings with a very deep sound in this song.


1989-11-18 - Sydney Hawkmoon 269 In the end of the song Bono gives his all.


1988-11-18 - Sydney All Along The Watchtower Amazing vocals.


1989 God Part II Amazing vocals


1989-12-26 - Dublin One Tree Hill Bono's voice is on amazing on this version, and in the end he gives his all.


1992-02-29 - Lakeland Even Better Then The Real Thing Bono does a powerful job on The lines "We're free to fly the crimson sky The sun won't melt our wings tonight" and after that he sing the "Take Me Higher" part strong.


1992-08-16 - Washington DC Sunday Bloody Sunday Bono sings the song in a little different way then usally.


1992-08-30 - New York When Love Comes To Town Bono gives alot in the "Hey Yeah Yeah Yeah"


1993-11-27 - Sydney Can't Help Falling In Love Bono sings a part of the song in a beautiful falsetto.


1995-09-12 - Modena One Bono sings One in a very beautiful way.


1995? Two Shots Of Happy One Shot Of Sad Very good vocal performence.


1997-04-25 - Las Vegas Pride Bono sing the chours in the song in a different way then he did on the rest of the Popmart tour.


2001-09-01 - Dublin Where The Streets Have No Name Bono does an amazing job before the song starts up


2002-01-25 - Irland When The Stars Go Blue Bono shouts "Where Do You Go" with an amazing hoarse sound. 3:59 in the video.


2002-01-25 - Irland Summe Wine Bono sings the song with a very deep voice.


2005-07-21 - Milan Miss Sarajevo The opera note "L'amoure" is much stronger then rest on the tour. Time 4:09 in the video


2005-09-20 - Chicago Discotheque Bono blows away every other performences of this song from Popmart and Elevation tour, near the end Bono does some screams, time 4:37 in the video.


2005-10-03 - Boston Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own "Sing" in 8 seconds.


2006-03-02 - Buenos Aires Mysterious Ways Bono does a amazing performences in the end of the song, time 4:28 in the clip.


2006-10-13 - Oprah Winfrey show Don't Give Up feat. Alicia Keys Bono hits an B4 in the word "Arm" in "Keep My Arms Down Below", time 2:03 in the clip.


2006-11-12 - Sydney Kids feat. Kylie Minogue Bono does an amazing job on this song


2006-11-18 - Melbourne Vertigo Bono sings a snippet of Ac/dc's "Highway To Hell" in a falsetto, the falsetto is an E5. One of his highest ever. Time 3:48 in the video.


2006-11-18 - Melborune Miss Sarajevo Bono holds the "L'amoure" note in 11 seconds. Time 1:39 in the video.


2006-11-25 - Auckland One Tree Hill Bono hits the "Rain Note", time 3:34 in the clip.


2006-11-30 - Tokyo Beautiful Day "Touch" is strong and is hold for 5 seconds. Time 0:19 in the clip.


2006-12-01 - Tokyo Vertigo The first "Feel" in the first chours is a little longer that usual


2006-12-09 - Hawaii Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Bono hits the high C in "Don't You Look Back", it is a bit strained but still good. 2:21 in the clip.


2007-11-23 - London Stay Bono sings the chours "Stay" in normal voice, he also hit the high "Stay" note in the end of the song, 5:22 in the clip
2007-11-23 - London Desire Bono brings back the power from the Studio version on the line "Sister I Can't Let You Go", 1:43 in the clip
2007-11-23 - London Angel Of Harlem The "Yeah Yeah" is very strong, 2:25 in the clip
2007-11-23 - London Wave Of Sorrow Bono holds the "Wave" note in 10 seconds, 2:48 in the clip