There is alot of Highlights wich hasnt be found yet, maybe you know any that you can't remember what show, tour it was from. Just mail me if you have something:


Tour Song Highlight
Uf Tour Different songs Quotes from interference forum: "A guy tell me in u2recording that Bono sang some E's with full voice on the Unforgettable Fire tour, but he didn't remember in what shows. I still haven't searched for them."
Lovetown tour Different songs Bono gave his all on this tour, so there must be alot of highlights on this one
ZooTV tour Different tour There is alot of amazing falsettos from this tour
Elevation tour Bad Quote from a interference member: "He does seem to hit what sounds like a high c# during bad in the Elevation Tour on one show. I can't remember the show for the life of me - been struggling to find it since. When I find it I will let you know. Basically, the first 3 wide awakes are very weak, but the last 3 are explosive. He absolutely explodes and then sails effortlessly on the wide awakes - I haven't heard that sort of power since the Lovetown bootlegs."