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From Heart to Heart



The Safe Arms of Guitar Music

Experience the feelings of an intimate living heart. Enjoy the best of the composer, healer and guitar player Jiri Klokocka from Sweden.

This album is suitable for getting in touch with your feelings, inspiration, comfort, relaxation, massage, healing and other treatments.

Total playing time: 1:10:21
Musician: Jiri Klokocka
Recorded at: ARC Electronics, Sweden
Catalogue number: HCD0604
MP3 release: hopefully December 2022
Available soon at: Spotify, iTunes and Amazon



Deeper in your soul, where words doesn´t reach ...

The composer Jiri Klokocka says: Many times I faced situations, when I could not find words to say what I mean or what I feel. Many times I even didn´t know, what deepest in my heart I really felt. Those times I had to take my guitar and let my fingers to find the answers in the strings.

Many of these tunes I wrote to some special person. That´s why this album got the name: From Heart to Heart. Of course those times, when I try to explain something with gitar tones, the story can be a bit abstract. At the same time this kind of expressions can reach much deeper in your soul, than plain words does.

When my mothers friend Henny (Henriette) got through a divorce, I wrote her a letter in order to comfort her. After reading what I wrote, I just crushed it and threw in the basket. Then I wrote another letter. After reading it the same procedure followed. When throwing a third letter in the basket, I understood that problem with words is that they can be interpreted in too many different ways. I needed a language, which anybody can understand. That language was music. I left the pencil and took my guitar.

The first part on the tune "To Henny" (track #2) was about confirming her despair connected to the divorce. In the next part I wanted her to know that I understood how lost she suddenly could feel in her life. Where to go? After that follows a short part expressing resentment to her situation. Then comes a longer part, maybe the most important one, where I tell her: "Look Henny, there is a life after a divorce too. You can have fun in a new way. Open up to receiving new uplifting experiences!"

  Track List

From Heart to Heart is actually a quadruple album. You get 41 tracks divided in four different themes. The themes of each part are written in bold in following tracks list.

Besides playing time, you can also read each tunes approximate tempo in Beates per Minute (BPM). Research has shown, that our heart has a tendency to synchronize its rate to music. Different rates has different impact on our consciousness. As an example, music with 60 BPM has been used for accelerated learning.

track name note tempo time
Part I: Garden of Dreams
1 Flowering Cherry-Tree 80 2:50
2 To Henny 48 3:01
3 To John 58 1:09
4 Eyes of The Truth 46 1:07
5 To Isabelle 55 1:00
6 Suite To Ewa, mov. no. 1 48 0:51
7 Suite To Ewa, mov. no. 2 54 1:40
8 Suite To Ewa, mov. no. 3 48 1:20
9 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 1 41 1:05
10 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 2 58 0:49
11 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 3 75 1:10
12 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 4 37 1:26
13 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 5 59 0:54
14 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 6 85 0:57
15 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 7 61 1:31
16 Suite To Päivi, mov. no. 8 49 1:17
17 My Only Friend 56 2:35
18 Lullaby 44 1:43
Part II: Hope for a Better Life
19 Good Morning 63 1:22
20 Choral in C major with variations 4 movements 57 2:08
21 Encouragement 2 movements 36 2:47
Again Thy Glorious Sun Doth Rise
(arrangement for guitar by Jiri Klokocka)
composed by Johan Georg Christian Störl 1710 77
23 Memories of Love no. 1 44 1:24
24 Memories of Love no. 2 53 2:21
25 Longing 53 1:23
26 Crying Tiger 56 0:54
27 Welcome To My Heart 70 1:07
Part III: Door to Happiness
28 To Sanna 77 3:26
29 To an Unknown Princess 3 movements 57 3:12
30 To Bernard 60 2:03
31 Playing in A major 61 2:00
32 Playing in C major 66 1:03
33 Invitation To a Dance 65 1:17
34 Suite To Mother, mov. no. 1 73 1:10
35 Suite To Mother, mov. no. 2 69 1:04
36 Suite To Mother, mov. no. 3 69 0:32
37 I Do Care 3 movements 62 3:44
Part IV: Releasing the Past
38 Thanks For All The Good Times 64 1:24
39 Memories of Love no. 3 5 movements 35 5:12
40 Choral in G major 36 0:52
41 Last Goodbye 25 2:21
Total playing time 1:10:21


  From the Heart of ...

Composer and guitar player Jiri Klokocka

Jiri was born 1959 in Prague in Czech Republic. He began playing guitar at the age of 9 years. Soon he became unpopular among his family members. His brother threatened to break his guitar in pieces. His mother said: "If you were as gifted as Mozart, then you should play much better." But Jiri didn´t want to play as Mozart!

Fortunatelly these afflictions didn´t last for ever. 1974 he moved to Sweden. Everything turned around, when music director Birgitta Berg of St. Petrus Church in Stocksund heard him playing. Birgitta appreciated Jiri´s passion for baroque music (that means not Mozart). Birgitta became his most important teacher. She used to say: "Play beautifully!" Her lessons were not about where to press which finger, but how to interprete the music. How to blow a warm soul into a composition. Album From Heart to Heart is a result of all the inspiration Jiri has got from Birgitta Berg and he wishes in this way to express his gratefulness for all her support.


Interpretation is an art in itself. Almost as important as the composition. This album is focused on the way these compositions used to sound at the time, when they was written.

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