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High Spirit Music by Jiri Klokocka  

CD with classical guitar CD with meditation music Jiri Klokocka and some of his music instruments HARMONY - registered trade mark art painted by Jiri Klokocka Jiri Klokocka - the dancer HARMONY - registered trade mark music video CD with natural sounds: Laughing Kookaburra HARMONY - registered trade mark CD with natural sounds: Winged Flutists CD with natural sound: Purling Brook music video Aunties Shoes

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Enjoy high spiritual energies, top musical level and perfect sound quality! Enrich your life with music by Jiri Klokocka, the soul behind Harmony. Jiri is inventor, sound engineeer, composer, musician, dancer, artist, author and producer known from swedish radio and television.
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play Flowering Cherry-Tree Flowering Cherry-Tree [2:45]
from CD Guitar Records
A kind of dreaming a sunny summer day, sitting below a cherry-tree. Played on guitar in classical style, influenced a little by spanish flamenco.

play Palace of Peace and Love, mov. 2 Palace of Peace and Love, mov. 2 [4:20]
from CD Synthesizer Records
This music is a walk through the Palace of Peace and Love. You follow a long hallway, look in different chambers of this palace and experience these chambers special energies.

play Dancing Drops Dancing Drops (sample)
mp3 download [4:50]
Positive affirmations played on enlightening bells - feel just like in a heaven!

play Kitchen Joy Kitchen Joy [5:16] (original from 1994)
from cassette tape Rainbow Man
Imagine, what happens when a hungry musician comes into the kitchen? Click the image and get the answer - an unlikely real percussion concert with Jiri Klokocka! :-)

play Follow me Follow me [2:04]
from miniDVD Kitchen Joy
Jazz. Somebody wakes your passions!

play Single Man on the Stage Single Man on the Stage (new, shortened version)
mp3 download (originally from cassette tape Rainbow Man)
Rock concerts use to be delayed. Some times you have seen a single guitar player on the stage. This tune is something he could play while waiting for the other musicians.

play It Comes to Life! It Comes to Life! (sample)
mp3 download [3:02]
This is the exciting instrumental soundtrack of pop song Aunties Shoes.

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