Jiri Klokocka: Music and the friend

It's the gentle pillow you sink your head on
when loneliness knocks on the door

It's the one who reminds you of better times
when the existence becomes too dark

While the storm strikes mercilessly your cheeks
the music takes your hand and softly tells:

"Come and nestle with me,
take a deep sweet sleep."

"Soon the nightmare is over
and the morning sun melts the mist."

Before the first tone fills the emptiness
there is only a germinating seed

It grows and winds like a river through sharp rocks
glitters and murmurs in adult waterfalls

and finally says: "Good bye, I wish you'll remember me..."
like an old friend when leaving the world

When the last tone is over and the room has been filled by a deep silence
when the body has lost its meaning and the guitar lost its strings

they still walks somewhere
the music and the friend

they'll never be destroyed
they will never die.

Jiri Klokocka, 1988

  copyright Jiri Klokocka, Sweden 1988, 2009
created: 2009-03-29
last update: 2010-09-19
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