peaceful music

Aunties Shoes - a new kind of pop song

by Jiri Klokocka, composer, artist, M.Eng. and much more

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   Purpose of this tune
   Who is this auntie?
   Who made this video?
   Whatīs different?
   Swedish version
auntie goes to attack
itīs all about her shoes 

Watch the video

You can watch the swedish version Tant Militant at YouTube. The english Aunties Shoes is right now not available, but will soon come to YouTube too.

Purpose of this tune

The highest purpose is to contribute to world peace. When people remember not judge each other before trying their shoes and walking a mile, there will be much more understanding between different groups in the world. But even at the home level this message will create more peace and harmony.

Who is this auntie?

Actually she is a nice lady. But as soon as somebody threatens her, she gets upset. Yes, very upset. And then she goes to attack. She canīt understand that in reality nobody is attacking her. Her experiences of somebody attacking her are just projections of her past. The symbol for her past in this tune are her shoes. Indians use to say: "Walk a mile in anothers shoes before you judge."

Who made this video?

   Jiri Klokocka is the
   sound engineeer
   and video producer
   of this music video.
Jiri Klokocka is singing
electric duble neck base home built synthesizer a little psychology lesson  

Whatīs different?

To start with, Jiri has built his own music instruments. Also written his own computer software which offers exceptional freedom when creating new, personal sounds.
The instrumental sound track (accompaniment) is partially free from some stereotypes, such as chords. Inspiration comes from Africa, where you can hear just drums and unison song.
Some instruments are quite unusual for this kind of music, which Swedish Television later can submit to the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo. For example in the introduction you can hear the Australian didgeridoo. When auntie is complaining, the style of song is a combination of indian, oriental and classical song.
The deeper meaning of the song text has practical usage. When you watch this music video, you will learn (or remind yourself of) something valuable for enhancing yours and others life quality. In other words, this music video is a short lesson in psychology.

Copyright: Jiri Klokocka, Sweden
Contact: e-mail
Created: 2009-10-10
Last update: 2014-02-15