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a survey summarised by M.Eng. Jiri Klokocka, Sweden 2014

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the way out

What happens in your body



When exposed to long-term stress without the possibility of recovery, the different regulating systems of the body can collapse. This condition is called fatigue syndrome or burnout. It tends to affect anyone who has a habit of repeatedly running over himself. Perhaps the best recipe against burnout is to breathe slowly and deeply and just be. Exclude as many stress factors as possible and take some food supplements to help your body in its recovery.


Criterias for diagnosis vary. According to M.D. Clas Malmström, should at least four of these symptoms present each day:

  • difficulty concentrating or memory disturbance
  • reduced stress tolerance, significantly reduced ability to manage demands or perform under pressure
  • emotional instability, irritability, dysphoria
  • disturbed sleep
  • abnormal body fatigue or weakness
  • psychophysiological dysfunctional symptoms such as muscle aches, chest pain, heart palpitations, stomach-intestinal discomfort, dizziness, noise sensitivity
Fatigue syndrome should not be confused with anxiety, depression and other psychological problems that can be treated with psychotherapy. Fatigue syndrome means imbalance in the body. A physical problem so to speak.

Because burnout is most often associated with weakened adrenals, Dr. Lawrence Wilson mentions some more objective ways to make the diagnosis, amongst others hair mineral analysis. If you happen to scratch yourself on the skin and it takes more than ten seconds before your skin blushes, then it is also a sign of weak adrenals, i.e. burnout.

If you have a blood pressure monitor, you can make a Ragland Test. Lay down and relax. Measure your blood pressure. Stand up suddenly. Take blood pressure again. Your blood pressure will go up. If you have weak adrenal glands, blood pressure often goes down and you feel faint, shaky or dizzy. In a way maybe it's just as well that the blood pressure goes down. It is a way for your body to tell you to take it easy.


Head physician Michael Sandström speaks in a TV interview 2012-05-08 on chronic stress and enumerates the first seven of the following characteristics:

  • memory and concentration may deteriorate dramatically
  • pain in the shoulders and joints
  • stress resistance goes down (you can´t do what you used to do)
  • increased irritability, emotional instability
  • sleep difficulty
  • tiredness
  • may faint at times
  • reduced mental capacity
  • reduced human multitasking (eg. difficulties following traffic and at the same time operating the car)
  • weakened immune system (acne, allergies, prolonged infections and inflammations)
  • impaired liver detoxification
  • impaired thyroid (wrong metabolism, weight gain, uncontrolled emotional outbursts and sweating)
  • craving for sweets due to wrong sugar levels (risk of developing type 2 diabetes)
  • increased use of stimulants in order to compensate for exhaustion (caffeine, loud music, busy lifestyle)
  • palpitations
  • low blood pressure
  • low temperature, cold
  • reduced muscle strength
  • reduced or lost libido and zest for life
  • problems with relationships, difficulty to find your true self
  • hypersensitivity to, among other things. light, sound, smells
Weakened immune system can manifest itself through repeated inflammations that can take more than half a year to heal. There can also be dentin hypersensivity, toothaches, joint pain, etc.


Emotional imbalance (depression. anxiety, panic anxiety, apathy, resignation and sadness) is caused by a lack of serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Moreover, stress is the trigger. Mikael Sandström says acute stress is a good thing. We can manage daily life when we get to rest in between. In chronic stress there may be no time for recovery or no understanding of the need to recover. This is what can lead to burnout.

Stress can be of various kinds:

  • psychological (time pressure, anxiety, bullying, horror, trauma, grief, guilt, etc.)
  • spiritual (experiences of ghosts and other unwelcome entities)
  • physical (hard work, malnutrition)
  • difficult conditions (stress of various kinds)
  • electromagnetic smog
  • chemical (e.g., neighbours who ruthlessly smoke cigarettes on the balcony)
  • visual (advertising, living environment, etc.)
  • acoustic (including neighbours playing loud music until five in the morning)
  • tactile (e.g. uncomfortable clothes)
To mental stress economic insecurity is also included, that means to be without a job. Work-related burnout is the most common one.Allergic reactions and serious diseases also means stress. Both physical and mental. Allergies are manifested by inflammation. 62% of burnouts has an underlying allergy to metals (titanium, chromium, nickel, gold, mercury, ...) which, among other things. can be found in dental repairs, etc. amalgam.

Systemic feelings as Bert Hellinger takes up in Family constellations may end up somewhere between mental and spiritual stress. When disturbed, therefore, the person experiences other people's feelings (as distinct from their own).

  What happens in the body?

A bit depending on the degree of stress, among other things the following may happen:

  • adrenal glands produce stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol
  • prolonged high cortisol levels can damage the hippocampus in the brain, which can affect memory
  • serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, acetylcholine, growth hormone and sex hormones are inhibited
  • body is leaching of important minerals, particularly zinc and magnesium
  • the body consumes B vitamins to unusually high extent
  • the body's detoxification capacity decreases, which in turn weakens the adrenal glands still more
  • immune system is overstressing which can lead to inflammations (allergic reactions)
  • heart beats harder
  • breathing may be upset, you can hyperventilate
Weakened adrenal glands is one of the more physical problems that Adrenal Burnout can create. When the adrenals receive uninterrupted signals to produce stress hormones, the adrenal glands gets finally exhausted and need to recover. According to kinesiologist Tor Dagerberg, stress hormones are raised the following functions:
  • adrenaline allows us to keep high tempo and keep many balls in the air and think it is great to keep track of many things and have several projects in the pipeline tax
  • noradrenaline range muscles and keeps all your senses on edge
  • task of cortisol is shutting down, both physically and mentally so that we don't notice how stressed and tired we really are
Fortunately, there is a hormone in a healthy body that can suppress the effects of stresshormones. The hormone called DHEA. But when the level of cortisol is constantly high, its hampering the ability to form DHEA. This in turn leads to inhibition of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. The case of serotonin (reward), dopamine (stamina), oxytocin (love), acetylcholine (chemical synaps transmiter), growth hormone and sex hormones. Acetylcholine affects the eye, heart, gastrointestinal tract, bronchial tree, memory, learning features and all the glands which receives parasympathetic nervous impulses. Sex hormone testosterone affects not only the man's sexual functions, but also general vitality, motivation, endurance, the ability to build up muscle and fat accumulation. Testosterone is found at lower levels in a woman's body. At deficiency one can easily be sad or sour and have easy to fall asleep after a large meal.

Overproduction of noradrenaline may be expressed in various forms of muscle spasms:

  • through clenched jaws, especially at night (can be partly alleviated with a tray)
  • pains in the back, shoulders, neck
  • cramps in the calves or feet (can be treated acutely with TFT, long-term with magnesium supplements)
  • respiratory ailments with heart infarct like symptoms
Warning: Do not attempt to work off these tensions! Intense physical exercise is a stressful moment in itself and releases even more stress hormones in the body. That in turn can worsen tensions. Try instead quiet walks and meditative exercises from the far East (e.g. Qi Gong).

  Rehabilitation, treatment plan

Take it easy and try for a while dropping all demands on yourself. Mikael Sandström advises to seek professional help. Try to find someone who knows about Burnout more than yourself. Don't expect that a regular family physician is familiar with the subject. I Myself, got the most help from a homeopath.

  • take breaks from work (Please limit high cortisol level to a maximum of four hours at a time)
  • if the work is the major cause of stress, discuss sick leave with your doctor
  • unwind two hours before bedtime (avoid, among other things IT stress from computer and TV)
  • make sure to sleep well (comfortable bed, linens, sound environment, air quality, etc)
  • breathe slowly and deeply
  • learn to manage stress in a constructive way (personal development)
  • spend time with people who fills you with harmony
  • watch movies and listen to music that spreads happiness
  • meditative activities, eg. play, sing, paint, sculpt
  • easy, gentle exercise of any kind, relaxation exercises, physiotherapy
  • being out in nature, eg. easy gardening
  • eat healthy and regularly in order to keep a reasonably steady blood sugar level
  • try gluten-free or low-gluten diet to relieve the immune system
  • avoid fasting (the body needs nutrients to rebuild the affected organs)
  • at leg-cramps take stronger magnesium, avoid LCHF diet, drink more water and use more salt
  • strengthen adrenal glands with special supplements (e.g. vitamins C, D and E, B5)
  • for severe acne take vitamin B5, 1000 mg or more per day
  • against osteoarthritis and easy acne take vitamin B3, 25-50 mg per day
  • against inflammation and joint pain take resveratrol made from red grapes, 40 mg per day
  • in men Resveratrol helps to restore the balance between estrogen and testosterone
  • restore levels of zinc (60-90 mg per day) and magnesium (about 600 mg per day)
  • 1 mg of copper per day can in some cases be necessary because its absorption is reduced by zinc
  • If you are among the 62% that Burnout due to metal allergy - take a detox-cure
  • happy pill can possibly relieve the symptoms but you don't get healthy faster
  • When burned out due to post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTS), try TFT to remove the root cause of burn-out and thus create the conditions for a recovery

  Dietary Advice

Instead of taking individual B vitamins, you can take Brewer's yeast. Zinc you can find in shellfish, oysters, beef, beans, nuts, whole grains, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Copper is often found in municipal tap water. Water from own well can be much cleaner. Foods with higher copper content can be found among others in liver. In this case take quite small portions. Peter Wilhelmsson writes in the book "Live young longer" that the mineral copper, and the herb liquorice stimulates the body to produce more cortisol by lowered production, due to fatigue or prolonged inflammatory condition. At the weakened adrenals copper is built up in the body.

It is stress that makes the body get rid of zinc and magnesium. During zinc deficiency its difficult for the gut to take up zinc. That's why you need to take an overdose of zinc. It can take more than half a year before we can see the effect of a zinc supplement. Most doctors don't even know that blood test can show a normal zinc-level even when pronounced zinc deficiency. A reliable zinktest is to taste a teaspoon of liquid zinc. If you immediately spit it out, then you have a good zinc-level. Those who, however, likes the taste, need to take higher doses of a zinc supplement. Zinc deficiency not only affects the immune system, metabolism and the production of testosterone. Even our minds can be disturbed by zinc deficiency. Anorexia is thought to be caused by zinc deficiency. It is said that lack of zinc makes the starving anorexics perceive themselves as overweight, when they see themselves in the mirror.

Another mineral, which influences the level of estrogen and testosterone, is boron. Boron are also required in order the conversion of vitamin D to its active form. That in turn stimulates the uptake of calcium. Unfortunately, there is too little boron in the Nordic lands.

Supplementation of magnesium can be an effective way to create a positive cycle. I myself have tried taking 2x800 mg strong magnesium a day during severe fatigue at all levels. After a week, I felt like having received new fingers. Take magnesium in the morning and the afternoon. When cramps at night postpone afternoon dose to the evening.

To the thyroid gland to produce hormones, necessary iodine and the amino acid tyrosine. Hormone deficiency can also be caused by lack of selenium and other minerals. A quick way to get a hint of how the thyroid is doing is facial diagnostics. Typical for thyroid is often losing the hair on the side of the eyebrows. If eyebrows tend to grow together, means one eat too much protein that cannot be digested.

More than half of the burnt-out has an underlying allergy. In many cases, completely unaware that this is the case. You can mitigate or even eliminate allergies by relieving the immune system. Ways that are worth trying are gluten free or nearly gluten-free diet. Try eating a vegetable omelett or sausage with cut tomato and capsicum for breakfast. Instead of regular pasta, try buckwheat pasta. Recipe for homemade buckwheat noodles is 100 g buckwheat flour, 1 egg and one teaspoon of olive oil. Delicious to bean, lentile and liver casseroles. Works great with pasta sauce. Can you imagine pulling down firmly on cereal products? Try the stone age diet. If not 90% of readers turned sour, I would advise against coffee and black tea. Those who find it difficult to cut down on sweets can try it by a number of successive steps. Suggested reduction of sugar 5% per week. Drink rather unsweetened green tea or clean water.

Avoid fast carbs in fruit, especially overripe such. Eat more vegetables and berries instead.

Organic is the best! You get a cleaner conscience, tastier, non-toxic and nutrient-rich food. In animal products you get rid of the hormones that non-organic animal unfortunately eat. Avoid non-certified organic frosen salmon. Most hardly taste anything these days, contains hardly any omega oils and includes both hormone supplements and food colors. Hormone supplements from the animals disturb your hormonal balance further. Show respect to yourself and think about what you put in you!

Vegetarians, vegans and fruitarians should seriously consider to start with some sort of certified organic animal food. Experience of Women Living Naturally is that strict vegetarians never recover from burnout.

Resveratrol preparations made of red grapes will help you to:

  • heal inflammation (e.g., arthritis, tennis elbow, otitis media)
  • lower estrogen level
  • increase testosterone levels
  • regulate insulin production
  • slimming
  • cancer prevention
  • combat fungus, mold and viruses (antibiotics)
  • protect your brain (treat neurodegenerative diseases)
  • extend your life

Irene Ahlberg, medical journalist, praises Rhodiola arctic root. She writes in Nutrition medical journal: "Arctic root increases the sensitivity of the body's important feedback system so that cortisol level can reduce in time. We can recover and rest, and stress tolerance get rised.
– Stress can also reduce availability of important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. These are important for all communication in the brain, and not least affect our ability to feel pleasure and sexual desire. Studies show that arctic root seems to increase the availability and sensitivity of serotonin and dopamine. The result is increased joy, initiative and zest for life. Even depression seems to be positively affected. Effect of rhodiola willbe felt quickly, often after just a few hours."

Irene quote Professor Panossian: "if we are under prolonged or repeated stress the supply of energy in our brain is affected. The reason is that the conversion of glucose to the energy that brain can assimilate, ATP, reduces. Arctic root has an ability to increase the conversion of glucose into ATP. Thus, the brain gets more energy, fatigue is reduced and we become more alert." Those with magnesium deficiency (probably all burnt-out) needs primarily magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the management of ATP. Without magnesium gave me rosenrot no effect.


Insert a bookmark for your everyday life and plan at least half a year filled with peace. Try live from second to second. Burnout due to severe traumas can be more difficult to heal. Give your body the time and quiet it needs. After a reset, you should take into consideration that you have become more sensitive to stress. Try to see your new sensitivity as an asset.

It's hard to say if one can be 100% restored. Don't be surprised if the healing takes a few years. Some part of you may want to return back to the environment that caused the burn-out. But do you really want to be healthy, it is best that you open yourself to a new, more gentle patterns of life.

Dr. Clas Malmström show in a sketch (in swedish) of how the brain is involved in hyperventilation. Actually, the brain is also involved in other mechanisms of burn-out. Somewhere we need to break the circle, and the brain is perhaps the most useful marker in the control system. Reprogram your mind and half is won! E.g. choose to focus you on everything that is good in your life. For example, enjoy you have a roof over your head, you have money to buy food, drinking water flows from the faucet, that you own clothing and shoes. List, you can do forever. Realize that these benefits that we have are not obvious in other parts of the world. Imagine, how happy you would be if you after twenty years of effort finally got hot water in your bathroom. Wouldn't you jump through the roof for it? Gratitude for all these certainties is a very healing feeling. Enjoy it! :-)

Listen to soothing music. Try for example this relaxation: Grace This piece of music distinguishes itself with a careful, smooth flow and at the same time a deep harmonic richness which is not usually found in new-age music. This piece is something like a silhouette of a higher world. A world which can not bee seen by a common human eyes. Grace was composed as opening music for Peace in Mind festival in Stockholm 1995. This music works much like an antidepressant, but without side effects.

Singing in choir can also be very relaxing and liberating. Maybe you'll get new and nicer's friends in the process? Or go on a course in painting or other relaxing theme.

a frame from the music video Adrenal Burnout On 9 August 2013 I played live song Adrenal Burnout. As the name suggests, is it about different emotional levels of burn-out syndrome.

Very many who have been burnt-out belongs to the group of friendly nice people. They were burned out because they took more responsibility for others than for their own lives. Learn how to set boundaries. Way borders in good time, before the stress level has risen unduly high. A little inspiration, you can get on the Egoist church website (link to english translation coming soon). It is about developing a healthy ego, humbly seeking balance both on the inner and outer plane. Practical advice can be found in the book "How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty" by Patti Breitman & Connie Hatch.


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