Traveling routes and some Interesting facts

By Bengt Ragnemalm


To me and all other fans great chock and sadness Robert Jordan (James o Rigney JR) have left us at sunday the 16 september.
"May you shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand, and may the last embrace of the mother welcome you home."

He fought eagerly and really gave all to be able to stay with us so he could give us the entire story but in the need it was too much even for him.
"Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the Last Day.”

(The quotations are from Robert Jordans books, see and

My contribution to the WoT phenomen is that I am making pictures with the traveling route that the most important characters takes during the books. The pictures are in high resolution so you can print them and have them while you read. Size of each is about 250 k. Some of the most important places are also marked on the maps.
The original map is Ellisa Mitchell and Tor books.

Someone told me he was making a map that should include all places, cities and villages in the books. Any information about that would be welcome as it would make it possible to make the routes more precise.

But first some Wheel of Time facts:

- Some of the main charachters age as per year 998, the year of the first book The Eye of the World: (The Aiel war was year 978)
Rand, Mat, Perrin: 20
Egwene: 18
Lan: 45
Elayne: 17
Aviendah: 18 (She is almost 20 in Path of Daggers)

- What about distances? What is the size of the world? I have done the judgement that a WoT foot is about 25 cm (and not the gigantic Greece foot that we have in the real world). This gives that 1 WoT mile ~ 1.5 km. So, the continent is rather big. There is roughly 7000 km from Falme to the Spine of the World. The longest distance an army can move is about 50 miles per day. Later books give that maybe it is correct to use the same foot size as we have.

- The White Tower is about 150 m high.

- There are 1783 women in The Kin in Ebou Dar. Many of them may have been captured by the Seanchan!

- There are about 1000 Aes Sedai.

And a few "dead giveaways":
Why Liah? - Just to hinder Rand to Balefire Samael in Shadar Logoth.
Why Olver? - To give Mat a reason to stay in Ebou Dar and thus being able to meet with The Daughter of the Nine Moons. Well, now I must admit that he have annother purpose: to enter the Jengu tower and help Mat and Tom to trick the "Finns".

OK, so lets go to the routes

About the maps

The maps is based on scannings of the coulored maps inside the Tor books. All copyright of this is to Ellisa Mitchell and Tor books. I have done a small edit on the map, the river Erinin is moved so it flows through Tar Valon as it should. (The Tar Valon island is 10 miles long so it can not bee seen on the map, the red dot of the town is larger). The old map in the guide have this done correctly.

I have been asked to add direction arrows to the routes. Later routes have that and I will add it to the earlier routes as well when I got the time.

Lets hope that someday, a better map of the Aiel waste will be presented. The map in the guide is not worth much. I have decided not to use it.

The books
Timeline and highlights (and errors)

The Route

The Eye of the World, (1990 jan)

mars-jun 998.

The beginning.
To The Eye of the World.

The Great Hunt, (1990 nov)

jun-oct 998

To Falme.
The Seanchan

The Dragon Reborn, (1991 sep)

mar-may 999

To The Stone of Tear.

The Shadow Rising, (1992 oct)

jun 999

To Rhuidean
Attack of Two Rivers.

The Fires of Heaven, (1993 oct)

jul-sep 999

Rand and Avihenda did it...
Lanfear and Moirane.

Lord of Chaos, (1994 oct)

sep 999 - jan 1000

Dumais Wells

I have still not been able to locate The Farm. It is on the opposite side of the Saldaen army, a few miles from Caemlyn.
Edit: Knife of dreams solved this. Update coming soon.

A Crown of Swords, (1996 jun).

jan 1000

Rand in Illian.

The location of the Saldaen army north of Caemlyn is only a guess.
Edit: Knife of dreams solved this. Update coming soon.

The Path of Daggers, (1998 nov)

jan-feb 1000

Calandor against the Seanchen

Updated mars 04.

Winter's Heart, (2000 nov)

feb-mars 1000

The Choedan Kal

Updated mars 04.

Crossroads of Twilight, (2003 jan)

mars 1000

Hunting for Faile, plottings in Caemlyn.

Location of Malden and So Habor is a guess.
Edit: Knife of dreams gives a more precise location. Update coming.

Knife of Dreams, (2005 oct) (Fantask in Copenhagen hade it a few days until 09-15 before Tor made them remove it.)
This route was difficult. Several places that I can not say the exact location of.

april 1000

This is really a book of solutions. I definitely liked this one. "Prince of the Ravens". And Nyneave helping Lan made me weep.

Robert Jordan: "I think it will have enough incident to satisfy anyone, certainly." He has also said that there will be two more books including this one.

The Gathering Storm, (2009 28 oct)

May 1000

I really want to thank Brandon Sandersson for not maiking a short end into one book. I never belived that this could be the final book but know we got three and I think this is good.

Brandon have done a great job. There are just a few places there it is a little obvious that it is not Jordan anymore. About 1/4 into the book, there are a sequence that I should say is Brandon being a fan and writing just some of the favorit stuff. Things we already know but could enjoy a little extra. When there are a sentence that I actually have forgot right know but it is repeated three times in the book. Nothing important at all but Jordan wouldn't have done that. Finally I think Brandon should have mentioned Elaidas dream of that the tower will be great "under her". Well, it did, but I think Jordan would let have Elaida think about it at the time she got captured.

Towers of Midnight
Fall. 2010
A Memory of Light
Fall. 2011. Finaly, the END.
Encyclopedia of WoT 2011? RJ anounced that Harriet will make this from his notes.
Includes the short story "New Spring". There will be no route made for this. See New Spring, the Novel.
(2004 jan)
The first book of the pre-history of Wheel of Time trilogy. (Longer version of the first New Spring).
Two storylines - Moirane and Siuan as Accepted in the Tower and Lan.
"The Dragon Mount"

(2011?) Second part of the pre-istory. (The Aiel war, Tam finds Rand on the slope of the Dragon Mountain).
Will according to Robert Jordan be written after the series is finished.

"The Two Rivers"
(2012?) Third and last book in the pre-history. (Moiraines and Lans search for the Dragon Reborn).
Aes Sedai List Front, Back
A list of all known Aes Sedai in book 1 to 8. Good to have while you re-read the books. Reformatted by me to fit on a paper you can have in the book. (The original formatting is rather worthless).
The pictures are in GIF format and in high resolution but scaled in advance for direct print from the web browser. Fits on a A4 (sorry B4 users...). If you can't print without edges or on a A4 you have to scale the pictures yourself.
A few but the best links:
A novell about the time Lews Teherin and the 100 brothership shuts the hole in the Black Ones prison. READ IT!
The Map. Same as on the inside of the books.
Alternative map from Seven Spokes.
Probably the best timeline. A great job Steven!
Wheel of Time FAQ
A very nice page with WoT-information by Rob Oliver. This also have a timeline.
Pictures from the Starscape edition of the books.
Maybe the ultimate best page site information.
wotmania, by Mike Mackert (among others). For long the best site for new information.




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