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Allt fler ifrågasätter Darwin

Sammanställt av Kjell Ulander

Behövs Darwin?

Naturliga urvalet ifrågasatt

Landdjur till val?


*  Why Do We Invoke Darwin?

*  Why Do We Invoke Darwin?

*  Darwinism is irrelevant to modern medicine

*  Why would I want my doctor…studied evolution?

*  Darwinism is beside the point

*  We can learn all of this without Darwin,

*  The Role of Evolution… is Highly Exaggerated

*  …to be a scientifically informed doubter of Darwinian theories of evolution.

* The difficulty with evolutionary explanations in medicine is:…

* Science Owes Nothing To Darwinian Evolution - Jonathan Wells (Video)

*  Francis Collins and the Overselling of Evolution


*  …the greatest mysteries …is whether natural selection.

*  A wave of scientists questions natural selection, …few will publicly admit it.

*  Natural Selection: the death sentence for Darwinism

*  We are skeptical of…natural selection to account for

*  natural selection…cannot account for…complexity

*  conference at UNESCO in Paris about scientists who …want to go “beyond Darwin.”

*   the Darwinian theory… is just unexplainable… from top to bottom.

*  selectionist paradigm is a conceptual dead-end…as a creative force in evolution.

*  Metamorphosis… (Video)

*  Naturligt urval - Dawkins troslära (Video)

*  Darwin Saw the Whale in the Black Bear

* How Whale Learned to Swim

* Mathematician explains how a cow can't evolve into a whale

*  the black bear was … swimming for hours with widely open mouth… I can see no difficulty in a race of bears being rendered… more and more aquatic… till a creature was produced as monstrous as a whale.

*  To take a line of fossils… validity as a bedtime story… not scientific

* Whale Evolution? Darwinist ‘Trawlers’ Have Every Reason To Be Concerned

*  Explosive Evolution of Whales Followed by Little Change

*  Dr Berlinski Expleinns Problem With Evolution From Cow to Whale (From 11:08 To 14:48)

Haeckels biogenetiska regel

Makroevolution mer än upprepad mikroevolution

Rudimentära organ


*  Haeckel's Discredited Biogenetic Law

*  Haeckel's now-discredited theory

*  He was more than once …accused of… falsification

*  Haeckel's Embryo Drawings … in Modern Textbooks

*  Haeckel's Bogus Embryo Drawings (YouTube)

*  turning out to be one of the most famous fakes in biology

*  This is one of the worst cases of scientific fraud… great scientist was… misleading

*  Haeckel: legacy of fraud to popularise Evolution

*  A famous chemist: there’s no scientist who understands macroevolution

*  Macroevolution is more than …microevolution

*  …largescale evolutionary phe-nolmena cannot.. extrapolation

*  dissent from Darwinian macroevolution as a viable theory

*  Loss of Another Argument for "Macroevolution" …Collins

*  Den principiella skillnaden…
mikro- och makro-evolutionen.

*  Whether macroevolution is reducible is one of the persistent debates…

*  Miller's Textbook Uses Galápagos Finches to Overstate…Evolution

*  Människans rudimentära organ enl. professor W. Leche

*  The Myth of Vestigial Organs and Bad Design

*  ...apparent function of the human vermiform appendix.

*  The human appendix - from rags to riches

*  Once…a nonfunctional tissue, is now.. an important 'back-up'


*  Your Appendix Could Save Your Life (Scientific American)

*  Whale Hips: Another Icon of Darwinian Evolution, … Takes a Hit


Utvecklingsträdet faller




Debatten Wilberforce o Huxley

*  Charles Darwin's tree of life is 'wrong and misleading'

*  Darwin’s ‘Tree of Life’ is rotten from the roots up

*  Crunching the Data for the Tree of Life

*  Startling Admission: “Darwin was Wrong”

*  Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life

*  “The tree of life is being politely buried”

*  "I'm intrigued," replies Dawkins, "at Craig saying that the tree of life is a fiction.

*  Venter: “The tree of life is an artefact… that aren't really holding up...So there is not a tree of life."

*  Results of British Council Global Education Darwin Survey

*  Half of Britons do not belive in evolution.

*  Report on 2009 Zogby Poll about Evolution and Academic Freedom

*  In Darwin Anniversary Year, Majority Support for Intelligent Design

*  Fewer Than 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution

*  The More They Know Darwin, The Less They Want Darwin-Only Indoctrination

* Democrats Favor Freedom … More than Republicans


*  Oxforddebatten i ny belysning

*  Wilberforce and Huxley: A Legendary Encounter

*  Did Huxley really mop the floor with Wilberforce?

*  UPDATE: The Huxley- Wilberforce Debate

*  Anglican Spokesman Recommends Church Apology to Darwin Over Legendary Affairs

*  Wilberforce Huxley legend

*  ridiculous to speak of Huxley being a “victor”

*  När Vetandets Värld hyllar jubilaren Darwin (200 år) blundar Granskningsnämnden


Peer review och I D

Skräp-DNA inte bara skräp?

*  Ögats evolution – en fråga om trovärdighet

*  The eyes have it.

*  Could the eye have evolved by natural selection…?

*  The Vampire`s Heart (David Berlinski)

*  Why Ken Miller is Right About Our Backward Retina

*  The Human Eye Is so Poorly Designed That Engineers Mimic It

*  fram till (3)“The inverted retina.” … Nilsson and … Pelger’s … model of eye

* Problems With the Theory of Eye Evolution (Nilsson and Pelger)

*  The strangest thing - the retina - are in the wrong order.

* The problem with …supposed unintelligent design is …short on evidence

* "Biomimetics" Exposes Attacks on ID as Poorly Designed

*  New Research Shows Retina Complexities. Not Just a Sheet of Light Sensors


*  A scientific paper takes the intelligent design approach of …information in biological systems

*  Science Plays Politics…

*  The argument just keeps rumbling on …

*  New Peer-Reviewed Paper Demolishes Fallacious Objection

* Intelligent design och vetenskaplig publicering

*  Chance and necessity do not explain the origin of life

* This paper explores the evidence for design [with] non-evolutionary features…

* …the Darwin lobby is seeking to stifle the publication of ID-friendly scientific papers

*  Can… the Genetic Code Be Explained by Direct RNA Templating?

* 50th Peer-Reviewed Pro-ID Scientific Paper Published

* Peer-Reviewed Paper… Challenges Evolutionary Science and Inaccurate… Education

*  what was previously believed to be "junk" DNA is… important..

*  No Such Thing As 'Junk RNA…

*  Now researchers …have found that junk DNA may not be so junky after all

*  Nature …"Junk-RNA" Going the Same Direction as "Junk-DNA"

*  Exploding the Darwin-Friendly Myth of Junk DNA

*  "Junk" DNA: Darwinism's Last Stand?

*  fram till (1) “Junk DNA.”…much of this so-called junk DNA…

* Pseudogenes have long been labeled as “junk” DNA…recent results are challenging this…

*  "junk" DNA… this concept will now, with Encode's work, be consigned to the history books

* 'junk DNA” …is a massive control panel with millions of switches regulating the activity of our gene.

Video 6,50 min

Fjärilens metamorfos

Är ID vetenskap?

Retroaktiva medgivanden

*  Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies (Video)

* … the inability of natural selection to account for its origin…  (Video)

*  Evolving metamorphosis a Hopeless Task

* from caterpillar to butterfly inside a chrysalis has ,,, mystery of nature

Evolution – Ett mångtydigt begrepp

*   For … Darwin Advocates, Evolution Is a Word that Can Mean Anything

*  Evolution is a Big Word, Part 1: Is There a Consensus?

*  The Difference Between Science and Evolution

* Biologic Institute… The more we learn about the organization of life, the more clearly it reveals design.

*  A Positive, Testable Case for Intelligent Design

* Does ID Make Testable Scientific Predictions?

*  There is no philosophical contemplation as to a designer any more than the Big Bang theory has anything to say about a banger

* Evolutionary informatics merges theories of evolution and information,

*  The Digital Age Liberates Science

* Intelligent Design Is a Historical Science, Just Like Darwinian Evolution

*  Gorilla Teeth and a Confession of Evolutionist Ignorance.

* Missing Link Found (Again?...)

*  Retroactive Confessions of Ignorance and Overblown Claims of Evolution

*  Missing link between man and apes found

*  …helps to fill in a huge gap in the fossil record…

*  Darwinists Admit "Quality" of Evolutionary Icon is "Poor" in Retroactive Confession

* …Conflate Intelligent Design with Creationism while Misreporting Fish Fossil

*  Evolutionists Solve Eye Evolution (Again)

“Dålig design” argument mot ID?

*  Human ear inspires universal radio antenna

*  Woodpecker's head inspires shock absorbers

*  Biomimetics, or biomimicry, is the field where engineers turn to nature for inspiration in designing human technology

* The Viability of Intelligent Design (Video William Lane Craig)

* And copying nature could bring a new wave of 'intelligent' fibre optics.

*  Science & Religion:
The Argument from Design in Evolution

*  A mechanical analysis of woodpecker drumming and its application to shock-absorbing systems

*  They turned to the skull of the woodpecker


*  Atheist philosophers dissenting from Darwin …

* Bullying Campaign Against Ball State's Eric Hedin Goes On…

*  University of Iowa Chemist Rebuked by Faculty for Acknowledging "Holes" in Darwinian Theory

*  A world-famous chemist… there’s no scientist alive today who understands macroevolution

* Over 500 Scientists Proclaim Their Doubts About Darwin's Theory of Evolution