Richard fitz Gilbert

Blev ca 66 år.

Född:omkring 1024 Normandy (FRA), Bienfaite.
Död:omkring 1090.

Äktenskap med Rohese Giffard

Vigsel:omkring 1054.

Gilbert fitz Richard (<1066 - 1114)


He was also known as Richard de Clare. He gained the title of Lord of Bienfaite [Normandy]. Richard fitz Gilbert also went by the nick-name of Richard de Bienfaite. He gained the title of Lord of Orbec [Normandy]. Circa 1066 he accompanied William I to England. He received 176 Lordships, 95 in Suffolk. He was created 1st Lord of Clare [feudal baron]. In 1075 He helped to suppress the revolt. He held the office of Joint Chief Justiciar. He was buried at St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, England.