Alexander de Wod


Född:omkring 1365.
Död:efter 1403.

Barn med ?

William de Wod (1395? - )


Thomas de Bosco had 1301 taken up arms against Edward and in response to this, in 1303, Edward "the Hammer of the Scots" issued letters of forfeiture against Thomas, removing from him his extensive manor of Ogilface and granting it to William Dacre. For attempting "to steal the king's jewels", Thomas was taken prisoner and incarcerated in Edinburgh Castle (he was actually trying to prevent Scotland's Crown Jewels from being plundered and expatriated by Edward who had already carried away to Westminster Abbey the sacred Stone of Scone. On the 12th of April 1305, King Edward issued an order to have him moved from Edinburgh to the Tower of London. He is not heard of afterwards and is presumed to have been executed. Following the Scots' victory at Banockburn in June 1314, the lands of Ogilface were returned to Thomas his son who was knighted by King Robert I - The Bruce. The senior line progressed through Alexander de Wod, bailie of Edinburgh in 1403, his son William, a merchant and bailie of Edinburgh, and his son Alexander, bailie and burgess of Edinburgh, who was father of Admiral Sir Andrew Wod of Largo (nr 6 of the name from Thomas de Bosco "the Jewels Thief"). This is further corroborated by the 15th century replication of Sir Thomas of Ogilface's armorial bearings on the seal of Alexander de Wod, the Admiral's father. [CWS]