Personakt Antavla

Richard de Comyn


Far:William de Comyn
Mor:Maud Basset

Död:omkring 1179.

Barn med Hextilda, av Tynedale

William de Comyn (- 1233)


Richard Cumyn, properly the founder of the line of the Scottish Cumyn, rose high in the services of William the Lion, and long acted as cheif minister and justiciary of Scotland. During his life he held the lands of Northallerton and others, secured to him by his uncle in England; and he also obtained estates in Roxburghshire, the first property of the family in Scotland. That the Cumyns must have been of high importance in England is proved by, and in part explains, their sudden elevation in the north. Richard Cumyn even intermarried with the royal family of Scotland, wedding Hexilda, great-granddaughter of the "gracious" King Duncan of "Macbeth".