Robert de Comyn

earl Northumberland.

Död:1070 28/1.

Barn med ?

John de Comyn (- >1135)


Robert came to England with William I. It is understood that he/his family originally came from Comines in Flanders. He was slain whilst attempting to take possession of Northumberland.
2 - The family of Cumyn, Comyn, Cumin, Cummin or Cumming, merit notice among the septs of the north of Scotland, from the prominent figure which they made there in early times. But almost all authors agree in representing them as having come from England, and having been of either Norman or Saxon descent originally. The time when they migrated northwards is also well maked in history. The even occurred in the reign of David I. That prince still claimed a large part of the north of England, and, besides, had engaged deeply in the contests betwixt King Stephen and the Empress Matilda, which agitated South Britain in the twelfth century. He was thus brought into frequent contact with the barons of Northumberland and the adjoining districts, some of whom were properly his vassals, and many of whose younger sons followed him permanently into Scotland. In this way were founded various northern families in the time of King David, and among others, seemingly, the Cumyns.