Server rules


Please move in crouch or walk with sights up, no footstep noise.

Run only if they throw a nade or shoot directly at you, and then only to the nearest cover.


No sniper scopes allowed: Springfield, Arisaka, Mosin, K98, PTRS or M1 Garand

Telescopic is allowed



Aperture Sights is allowed



Bazooka is allowed



Sniper is NOT allowed


If you can only see through the sight, then it's not an allowed weapon. (The only exception is the Bazooka)


Pistols only indoors and under the same roof as your target.

Tip: Open console by hitting ~ key ingame, then type: /bind n say ^1 I am out of ammo, using pistol!

We allow pistols on Sub Pens and Station (Indoor maps)


NO Martyrdom, NO 2nd chance, NO Rifle grenades.


Camping allowed for 3 min or 5 kills, whichever comes 1st.

Spawnkills happens somtimes, but spawncamping is forbidden.


Be polite to others. Do NOT use bad words or racism




All are welcome to our TeamSpeak3 channel, IP: