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The DTV is a cool joystick, containing a c64 and a lot of games. But wait! There's more! It had been called the most hackable device ever!


There are three versions of this device, DTV1, DTV2/3, and Hummer.


  • DTV1 core.
  • 128 KiB RAM
  • 2 MiB ROM
  • NTSC output only.
  • 6502 emulation with few or no undocumented opcodes.


  • DTV2 or DTV3 core
  • the DTV2's Blitter has problem with transparent blits (writes occur when srcA is fetched regardless of transparency setting) which is fixed in DTV3
  • 2 MiB RAM (ISSI IS42S16100C1-7T)
  • 2 MiB FlashROM (Atmel AT47BV161T, SST39VF1681, or very rarely Atmel AT49BV163A)
  • Video output with programmable color carrier and PAL/NTSC timing. (Only retailed as PAL)
  • All DTV2/3s are shipped with a minor fault in the video circuit leading to relatively bad colors. This can be fixed. See DTV Mods.
  • 6502 emulation supporting many undocumented opcodes.
  • 6502 skip internal cycle and burst mode selectable.


The Hummer was sold at radio shack, with only one game, Hummer Off-Road Racing Challenge game, which was written specifically for the Hummer hardware. Not sold as a commodore device at all.

  • DTV3 core.
  • 2 MiB RAM
  • 2 MiB FlashROM (Atmel AT49BV163A)
  • Video output with programmabe color carrier and PAL/NTSC timing.
  • 6502 emulation supporting many undocumented opcodes.
  • 6502 skip internal cycle and burst mode selectable.
  • Steering wheel connected to an ADC (equivalent to a Sonix SNAD01C) START, CLK, DIO are hooked up to USR2-0.
  • Two steering wheel buttons (mapped as Delete and Return on the keyboard)

Things to do with an unmodded DTV[edit]

You COULD just play the games inside the DTV.. but how fun is that?

Cool eastereggs:

  • Virtual keyboard -

Do the decathlon - wiggle the joystick back and forth (left to right) really fast before the blue screen appears until typing starts.

The LOAD"*",8 will not appear, but a LOAD"$",8 will appear.

Here you have a few extra programs. If you like to code, then move to the "BASIC PROMPT" program using the joystick, and select the program with the firebutton. When that program is loaded, you now have a virtual keyboard. Just hold fire and it will appear.

Other programs in the listing:

  • Minima reloaded
  • Splatform
  • Astrostorm
  • DWcave
  • Cliff Diving
  • Tinyrinth

  • More programs - To list the programs in memory:

Go to BASIC mode (the virtual keyboard thing)

LOAD "$",1[enter]


Quite a few programs will appear on your screen.

Holding down the Left Joystick Button to bring up the Joystick Keyboard as the list scrolls will temporarily halt the scrolling, with the problem of the virtual keyboard appearing, blocking about half of the screen.

If you have a ps/2-keyboard connected you can press the tab-key, for the same effect as a press of the CTRLkey on a c64, a slower listing.

  • The Entropy Demo

The Entropy Demo is only present in the DTV1.

To load and run the "ENTROPY" demo:

Go to the BASIC mode (the virtual keyboard thingie)



The Entropy demo will load and run.

  • More screens in the Entropy Demo

To reach more screens in the demo - Hold down the A Button and move the Joystick up. Hold for a few of seconds and release. The next screen will load and run in a few seconds. There is a total of 5 different screens.

  • Jeri and friends

To see a picture of the DTV Development Team:



For the DTV2

0 POKE1,55:LOAD"DTVTEAM",1[enter]


  • Jim Butterfield drinking beer

To see a picture of the Commodore Legend:



For the DTV2

0 POKE1,55:LOAD"1337",1[enter]


Connecting a PS/2 keyboard and a 1541[edit]

The ps/2 connector to connect a pc keyboard to the DTV looks like this:

1 - Data

3 - GND

4 - +5

5 - CLK

Please note that 4 batteries in the DTV gives +6v, and im pretty sure that the keyboard dont like that. However, the DTV works fine on 5v, so just give it some external power.

The DIN-6 connector to connect a 1541 looks like this:

2 - GND





1 - UP

2 - Down

3 - Left

4 - Right

6 - Fire

8 - GND

All three connectors viewed from the front.

This is the PCB of a DTV1:

IEC ATN = Disk-drive IEC ATN

IEC CLK = Disk-drive IEC CLOCK

IEC DTA = Disk-drive IEC DATA

KEYB DTA = Keyboard DATA


JOYA UP = Joystick Port 2 Up

JOYA DN = Joystick Port 2 Down

JOYA LT = Joystick Port 2 Left

JOYA RT = Joystick Port 2 Right

JOYA FE = Joystick Port 2 Fire

JOYB DN = Joystick Port 1 Down

JOYB LT = Joystick Port 1 Left

JOYB RT = Joystick Port 1 Right

JOYB FE = Joystick Port 1 Fire

Please note that Joystick Port 1 UP is missing on the PCB.