This site is intended to promote my Savage Worlds conversion of the Slaine RPG which is
based on the 2000AD comic of Slaine as well as Mongoose Publishing’s RPG setting for the d20 and Runequest systems.
In order to play you will need these conversion rules, the Savage Worlds Deluxe rule book and the Slaine RPG main book for either system.

Slaine is originally a comic book by 2000AD, based loosely upon the Celtic myth of Cu-Chulainn.
The comic covers the adventures of the warrior Slaine on his quest to unite Tir-Nan-Og, the Land of the Young
as well as random mayhem, ritual sacrifice, time travel, huge weapons, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Well, maybe not rock 'n roll.

  Download the conversion rules.  
  Download the Adventures.  

Savage World of Slaine is intended to be played as a darkly humorous, gritty and very macho setting.
The value of a man's life is only as good as his honor and his weapon arm.
So for those that are looking for cute elves and happy halflings I can only quote Master Chief John Urgayle:
"Seek Life Elsewhere!"
Slaine is a registered trademark of Rebellion A/S, Savage Worlds is registered trademark Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Slaine RPG is ® Mongoose Publishing. This conversion does not express the ideas of either company. All artwork is copyright their respective artists and photographers and are used without profit.
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