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In Loving Memory
2006 - 2012

S*Desdecados Quickstep Quality


In Loving Memory
1997 - 2010

IC S*Eddore Vamp N.F.S.

2nd Best Cat of the Year in Sweden 1999

Bluecream Female
Breeders:  Asa & Joachim Salén

In Loving Memory
1993 - 2008

 EP Jadon Wind In Willows of Desdecados

GIP Jadon Wind In Willows

2nd Best Cat in Premiership in Sweden 1996 and 1997

Bluecream Female
Breeders Donna and Susan Cook

In Loving Memory
 1993 - 2008

GIC Wynden Texas Belle of Desdecados

Tortie Female
Breeder: Ann Pevey

In Loving Memory

CH & CH Goliada Good Golly Miss Molly

Bluecream Female

Breeders Nancy & Michael Petersen

In Loving Memory

GC & IC Marhei Chasing Rainbows of Jadon

Bluecream Female

Breeders Sue & Chuck Helmke

In Loving Memory
1986 - 2004

GC, NW, CH Wynden Spodiodi

Blue Male
Breeder Ann Pevey

GC, NW Wynden Spodiodi, ”Spodi”, was our great pride and joy ever since he came to live with us in 1990. Spodi was the first cat that we imported from US, a double National Winner as 6th Best Kitten and 2nd Best Cat, and he was our dream come true cat. We fell  in love with him the moment we saw him in the CFA Yearbook but couldn’t for a moment believe that this gorgeous little blue guy would ever come to live with us.

Spodi had the most wonderful and loving personality, he was the cat that every guest that entered our house wished to bring home with them.

He was always the perfect gentleman in any way and always was allowed to have the run of the house whenever he wanted to, but at nights he preferred to sleep on his own pillow in our bed.

In Loving Memory
1991 - 2002

Myman’s Indian Princess

Blue Female

Breeder Carolyn Kelly


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