For sale/trade



Drop me a mail if you are interested in any of the items.


Official CD and vinyl:

-Haunting the chapel (Road runner)

-Seasons in the abyss (Brazil)

-Hell awaits (clear vinyl, back on black)

-South of heaven (UK-88)

-Live undead PD (black rim)

-Live undead PD (black rim)

-Hell awaits (Metal blade 1983)

-Live undead (Poster missing)

-Show no mercy (Korea)

-Hell waits (Korea)

-World painted blood (red vinyl,limited 500 copies, US 2013)

-Hate worldwide (CDs, Hot topic version)

-World Painted blood (limited edition CD with 1 of 4 sleeve versions)


Vinyl bootlegs:

-Reign in blood demos (glow in the dark)

-Kill again (7", plum vinyl)

-Kill again (7", plum vinyl)

-Fuknslayerdamit (7")

-Bloodline (7")

-Bloodlinve (7", different sleeve)

-Black serende (black vinyl)

-Death & Night & Blood (yellow vinyl)



-Speed metal (Slayer included)

-Metal massacre 3 (Slayer included)

-Total destruction (Slayer included)


Magazines there Slayer is on the front cover:

-Kerrang 880702 #194

-Kerrang 880917 #205

-Kerrang 890107 #220

-Trash metal #2,-90 (Germany)

-Metal hammer/Aardschok #5,-91 (Holland)

-Metal hammer #7,-98 (Germany)

-Metal hammer #101, april,-96 (Spain)

-Ill litearature #9,-94



-Slayer postcards (mail me for more info)


Non Slayer

-Judas priest Defenders of the faith (Sealed long box!)

-Judas priest Ram it down (tour book)

-Judas priest Screaming for vengeance (tour book, still in shrink!!)

-Judas priest Turbo fax (promo book)


Hellacopters - Hey (7", 1998)


Machine head - Burn my eyes (original 1994)


Judas Priest - Defenders of the faith (Sealed longbox)



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