Music: F. Lundquist, J. Svensson
Lyrics: F. Lundquist

Communicating with the void
Staring into an illussionary wall
Running without any destination
Trying to put the pieces in place

Fragmentary moments of completeness
Rush before the inner eye
Too fast to find the whole shape
And the only thing that remains is emptiness

Darkness falls over the jigsaw puzzle
And fate awaits the next move
But like a puppermaster who forgot the responsibility
The hand never changes the pose

Fragmentary memories of the painting of life
Disturbs the precious sleep
But when the mind awakes
All that's left is a fuzzy shape of the solution

Unspoken words haunt the perfectionist
As misunderstandings suffocates the true meaning
The pieces turns to clay
And the only thing that's in place are the nails in the coffin

Fragments of a forgotten soul
Begins to grow and connect
And the obvious solution is the one who's always there
The puzzle and the painting is left complete