We have a gig with D.C.P, June 14 at Arthouse/Powerhouse MC in Norrtälje!
The recordingphase of the new demo is over, so expect some new tracks from us soon.

Talion was founded in April 1998. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, Fredrik will re-realese EVERY song Talion ever recorded.
There will be 3 CDs. The first one will cover Mark I, the second will have all the Mark II tracks, and the last CD will feature all the tracks
from the present line-up.
3 new songs are currently being recorded, so a new demo will be out this summer. This demo will be on the third CD as well.
Hopefully all CDs will be available before 2008 ends.
The gallery is updated with pictures from the Mosebacke gig.

Talion will play at Mosebacke Etablissement in Stockholm, April 13.
The doors open at 20.00, and the entrance is free so be there and mosh!

The gig at Club Distortion went great, thanks for showing up and moshing! Livepictures are now up and running.
Reviews are updated.

Talion will finally return to the stage, after nearly 5 years of silence!
This historic event will take place at Club Distortion, January 17, at pub Anchor, Stockholm!
Be there and help us mosh! The admission is only 40 SEK!

Demo 2007 is now finished, and will be shipped out to various labels and zines soon.
Fanzines and webzines that wants to review the demo should contact Fredrik at nasso_nosferatu@hotmail.com
Two new songs from this session are available at the mp3-page, and at our myspace page. Lyrics are updated.

The new demosession started a while ago. Drums, bass, and guitars are finished. Vocals will be recorded shortly.
5 songs are recorded, and 3 tracks will end up on the new demo.
Everyone that understands swedish can download the interview Talion did at Radiovox 070213, at the mp3-page.

Calle and Fredrik will be guests on the swedish webradioshow Hjärtflimmer, 13 February, 19-22 CET!
It will be a 3 hour long thrashmetal special, so if you live in sweden, or understand swedish, be sure to check it out!
You can now also bore yourself with our myspace page.
5 new songs are completed, and hopefully the next demosession will start in late February.

The demo is complete, with 3 tracks of old-school thrash! Check out the mp3z page and listen to the new, reborn Talion!
Watch out for a review of the demo in your favourite magazine. Pressrelated info can now be found at the Press-page.
Fanzines and webzines that wants to review the demo should contact Fredrik at nasso_nosferatu@hotmail.com

The recording of the upcoming demo will finally start this weekend. 5 songs will be recorded at this session. Lyrics are updated.
Check out Ludde on stage with Remasculate at Uppsala Blodbad IV, Saturday the 26th August!

The Macaroni Factory Studio is almost up and running now. The recording of the demo will hopefully start sometime in June.
5 songs are complete now, and 3 of them will end up on the demo. Pictures from the Soundlab session can now be found in Gallery 02/03.

Mark 4 of Talion is now a fact! On friday the 13th of January, Ludvig Engellau joined us on bass. Rehearsals are going great,
but the demorecording might be delayed even more. Fredrik managed to own his new laptop for 4 days, then he completely killed the
BIOS due to a bad flash. A great way to make a computer totally useless! As this laptop was meant to be the heart of the
Macaroni Factory Studio, we won't be able to record anything until the BIOS is fixed.
Hopefully it won't take too long to be back on track, but with Fredriks notorious bad luck nothing is certain...

Mark IV of Talion: Martin, Calle, Ludde and Fredrik

On the 5th day of the new year, Magnus Karkea left Talion.
Reasons? Lack of interest, and he couldn't handle the pressure of actually rehearsing.
Sad, very sad. The search for a new bassist has already begun, and hopefully mark IV of Talion will be complete real soon.
The demorecording is now scheduled for March/April. Lyrics and links are updated.

And then they were three...

Martin Missy has contributed some guestvocals on the latest Devil Lee Rot release, entitled At Hell´s Deep.
Get it now from Ironfist Productions! You can also hear Missy on the second Protector anthology, named Ominous Message of Brutality.
Released on I Hate Records. The lyrics page is updated with the final versions of our 3 new songs.
4 songs are completed, and Missy and Fredrik have recorded a little pre-production demo with 3 of the songs. It's sounds great!
Hopefully we will record a 4 song demo February 2006.

Check out Martin Missys guestvocals on the latest Desaster release Angelwhore!
Martin asked Fredrik to record the guestvocals, and now they both have their names on a Metal Blade release, thanks alot Tormentor!
Martin has written lyrics to two songs, Catalaunian Fields and Thunderbolt. There are also some new pictures, and some new links.

Wow, it only took about 4 years for Fredrik to create a new ugly homepage, but now it's finally online!
A big update in the members-section is up next. It will only take a year or two...

We managed to write the music for 2½ new songs in the autumn of 2004. I think Fredrik, Mange and Calle rehearsed 6 times,
and then they jammed old 70's classics with Missy 3 times. In late November we suddenly lost access to the drumkit we were using, it was sold...
Talion went into yet another hibernation. Mange and Fredrik finished the music for the third song, and started with song numero 4.
This was early March 2005, then there were no activity at all.
In June Fredrik took up his guitar for the first time in over 3 months, and finished song #4 in 2 hours.
One month later Calle had the luck of a real bastard, and bought a complete drumkit for no money at all.

The hibernation is now finally over!

Tried out yet another drummer for the band, Calle Sjöström. Frustrated by the fact that he couldn't find a bassplayer, Fredrik forced Magnus to become just that,
the bassplayer of Talion. This made the new lineup complete.

Tried out a new drummer for the band, Fredrik Palmquist. We tried him twice actually, but we felt that something wasn't right.

Magnus Karkea is recruited as a guitarplayer, at a party after 3 beers. Martin Missy is asked by Fredrik to share the vocal duties with him at the same party, a few beers later.

Talion splits up. Fredrik decides to keep the name, and continue with a new lineup. This is approved by all founding members. No harm done, and Talion lives on.