The Silence

Music & Lyrics: F. Lundquist

You are trying to manipulate me, with your drugs
To keep the things I know, behind closed doors
You say I'm just another lunatic, but I can sence
That you are afraid of the stories I tell

The silence is everything I hear
When I ask you why, you keep me imprisoned here
I know everything you ever wanted to know
Still you ignore my warning

Look at the marks, on my skin
These symbols are my evidence, for what I know
But you keep, trying to convince me
That the places I've been to, is just another nightmare

The silence is everything I hear
When I reveal my mission from another world
They sent me here with a message
But you refuse to hear the unknown

I can feel your fear, growing
In these halls of the institution, you've trapped me in
They are watching you, like they always have
Still you say I'm insane, trying to warn you

The silence I hear will be your fall
They are already here, infesting your thoughts
They sent me to test your manipulated minds
And now they know that they will meet no resistance