The Soulcollector

Music & Lyrics: F. Lundquist

It's all happening again, shadows reappear
Your mind refuse to believe, but you eyes sees the truth
There's no use to scream for help, only you can see them
All to well you recognise them, the victims of your life

Do you really think you can hide from them
The victims are feasting on your morbid soul
Only you can make them disappear
Still your desire for murder grows stronger

Everytime you collect another soul, you know that you will meet it again
Everynight the number grows, always a new face to see
You're the Soulcollector, a murder without guilt
Your mind is a gallery of death, painted with blood and flesh

The only thing that's missing now, is your own maimed corpse
What can be better than joining them, to slay them all once more
A murder in the spirit world, that's your destiny
So take your life, and start all over again