We got a gig with Tyranex, Suffer the Pain and Murdering Murders, May 7th at Cyklopen, Högdalen!
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Holy hell, almost 6 years since the last update, sorry about that!
So let's recap the recent years since the last update.

In late April we recorded drums for 11 songs @ This is Not a Dog Studio, and in May we recorded guitars, bass and vocals
for two of the songs @ The Sonic Exploitation Center and @ The Macaroni Factory.
These two songs were intended for a split 7" with Riotor from Canada, released on a label from Italy.
Fredrik mixed and mastered the tracks for vinyl in July, and Titan from Bloodbanner did the layout for our side of the 7".
Everything was delivered to the label in August, and then sadly nothing happened.
The 9 remaining songs from the session in April are still to be completed. Our plan was to release the 7" and then the
remaining tracks as a CD. Disappointed about the never released split, we just lost interest and shelved the recording for later.
On the 12th of June mark V played its first gig at Broder Tuck in Stockholm. Bloodbanner played just before Talion,
so Kalle and Fredrik had a real workout playing two sets in a row of intense thrash!
The second gig was on the 20th of November at Bar 122 also in Stockholm.

HWMNBN @ Broder Tuck 2009-06-12

On the 30th of October 2010 Talion made a short live-appearance at O'Learys in Uppsala, as opening act for Immaculate.
Sadly this was to be the last gig with Martin Missy. We managed to write two more songs, but didn't record them.

Martin and Fredrik were busy recording with their doom-band Obrero for the first quarter of the year,
and in April Fredrik suffered from severe mental illness that prevented him from playing music at all.
During the 6 months he was down and out, Kalle and Ludde wrote new material as a duo.
In December 2011 Martin left the band, to focus more on his family and on his other bands Obrero and Protector.
This ended mark V, but Talion continued as a powertrio with Ludde and Fredrik sharing leadvocals, with Kalle on backing vocals.

In late 2012 we contributed the lost 7" track "Defeat into Victory" to the "Nidingsdåd...Och Andra Muntrationer" compilation tape,
released by To The Death Records16th of January 2013. This is the only released track from mark V so far.
Mark VI shifted from ultratechnical thrash into evil old-school thrash/black metal.
We spent a lot of time writing 6 new songs, making crude rehearsalrecordings and letting them slowly evolve into their final shapes.
Finally we have a new live-set ready and will return to play live again, after more than 4 years of absence.


The three planned CD-releases are put on hold due to financial reasons, and a major lack of time.
The store is now updated so you at least can buy our CD-r demo-releases.
We will hopefully record some new stuff in the not so far future.

Calle Sjöström is no longer the drummer of Talion. He decided to quit June 18 due to musical differences.
If you want to hear the last thing Calle recorded, listen to the new demo "Gluttony Will Prevail".
Karl Tunander was asked, and agreed to take over the drumduties in Talion mark V.
The struggle continues, thrash and MOSH!

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