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How did we get hold of the machine?
A3400 IMG PePe Studios had spotted the machine out in the open and quickly contacted the seller, an old GVP Developer in Denmark, about this mystery machine that was possibly for sale. Due to the unknown working condition of the machine seller hesitated and however first like the verify it before an official askingprice was made public, now we could only wait and see and so we did.

Time passed by and about a year later when we had almost lost all hope when we finaly got a message, and what a message it was! Due to different sircomstanses the systems operation could still not be verified by the seller so we could pic it up free of charge or it would end up in a landfill (NOOOOO!). We jumped in the car and drove for hours and late into the night to rescue the machine and what a beauty it was. Although the cellar it was stored in had recently been flooded it had gotten away unscaved and had all original parts.

After some tinkering back in the garage it powered on and some tinkering later the gurus had stopped and the system worked fine, appart from the keyboard connector being unstable.

GVP Developer machine
GVP Logo The particular machine we got our hands on had previously been used by GVP Developers to develope their TBC Plus card on (we got a 3 preproduction cards with various handsoldered cables to fix diffrent issues). The old GVP Developer told us about his work with the company and the machine... most of which was way to technical for us but we tried to keep up with bitrates and signal syncs (after a while we got lost but kept a stright face).

About PePe Studios
PePe Logo PePe started on april the 8th 2007 as a brand for future publications of any joint effort between Brian a.k.a. "BoKi" and Jan a.k.a. "8bit" and/or "Hakker".

We were both born in Denmark, and we're both living in Sweden today, though Brian moved here in his younger years where's 8bit moved here later on in life. We mett back in 2004 on a Danish Amiga user forum where 8bit spotted Brian as a fellow Amigan living in the same Swedish town as he did. We became good friends and many weekends have been spent "nerding", brainstorming, sharing alcoholic beverage and quite a few encounters of what's known as dirty guytalk not appropriate for the opposit gender.

We're both passionat about Amiga, or as some of you have now dubbed it Amiga Classic, especialy hardware and customization. 8bit who's the older of us also fansey the early Commodore models in particular the C64. Brian too had one of those machines as young but the passion first started with the Amiga a few years later.

Our duo work well together, where's Brian is perhaps the best brainstormer of the two Jan wins every time when it comes to fabrication. Where's Brian have perhaps the most knowledge about the OS and how things aught to work, when they don't it's usually a close battle of who will take the cake between Jans perseverance and Brian blackbelt mastery in the fine art of Googling.

Legal IMG Although utmost care have been taken when gathering information and precenting it on this website, due to the nature of devloper/preproduction machines and this Amiga models age, we might have gotten something wrong and we do NOT take any responsibility for any possible wrong information published here.

If you do not accept this stop reading now and head over to some other source for information.