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PLY was founded by Johan Enroth who become the first chairman. The first edition came in november to 25 swedish members of ICCA. Editor was Roald Berthelsen. It reported about the second European championship in computerchess in London. The winner was Master.


This year came two number of the magazine. There was now 40 members. World Microcomputer Chess Championship in London was won by Chess Challenger before Boris. After a playoff against Chaos did Ken Thompson's Belle succed in winning the 3rd World Computer Chess Championship in Austria.


Thoralf Karlsson become the new editor. There was three numbers this year. World Microcomputer Chess Championship was played in Travemünde. Fidelity won the A-group and Chess Champion MK5 the B-group. Second European Micro-computer Chess Championship was won by Cyrus, made by Mike Taylor.


The first game between a grandmaster and a computerprogram under normal competition terms (40/2,5h) was played. The Dutchmen J.H.Donner won against Belle. The13th ACM-tournament was held in USA. It was a tie between four programs, Belle, Cray Blitz, Nuchess and Chaos. Advance 2.4 won the European Microcomputer Championship.


We now have about 80 members. Robert Hyatt's Cray Blitz become World Champion for chessplaying computers. World Microcomputer Chess Championship was won by Elite A/S. Advance reapeted its EMC-victory, now with versionsnumber 3.0.

1984                                                                                                       UP

Four numbers is released. The members is over 100. The first ads show up. The firs ratinglist make its entrance in PLY. Counted by Göran Grottling is Prestige on top with 1822. In nr.4 have Super Constellation taken over the lead with 1916. World Microcomputer Chess Championship was held in Glasgow with four programs on the same score. Princhess X, Elite X, Psion and Mephisto A. In august was SSDF founded, with the purpose to coordinate the interest for computerchess and chesscomputers in Sweden, and to release PLY. Thoralf Karlsson becomes the chairman.


The first list have Elegance 3,68 MHz on top with 1917. There's now 260 members. To the next list the level is lowered with 49 points. The new leader Private Line then gets 1886. This years World Microcomputer Chess Championship was held in Amsterdam. Richard Langs Mephisto Amsterdam took the three first positions! In nr.3 we have a new leader, Conchess 6 MHz on 1872. The level is lowered with 23 points more. Hitech won the ACM-tournament. The main responsibility for the program had Hans Berliner. Mephisto Amsterdam 12 MHz is superior in the last list for the year with 2066.


Once again the level is lowered, this time with 17-22 points. In Köln is World Champion for chessplaying computers held. The winner was once again Cray Blitz. Both Micro-WC and ACM-tournament was held in Dallas. Mephisto 3 won WC and Belle ACM. Mephisto Amsterdam have been number one on the list during the entire year.


Mephisto Dallas 68000 12 MHz took its "litlebrothers" first place on this years first list with 2083. The second list had the same program on top, but with the 68020 processor on 14 MHz. In micro-WC in Rom was the manufactorgroup won by Mephisto Roma and the programgroup by Psion. Both made by Richard Lang. The lists level is lowered with about 3 points. Feng Hsu's Chiptest won this years ACM-championship.

1988                                                                                                          UP

Mephisto Roma 68020 14 MHz is heading this years first list with 2125. SSDF now have 551 members. In nr.2s list Mephisto MM4 16 MHz Turbo Kit takes the lead. Micro-WC was held in Spain. Mephisto won all three groups. The ratinglistan is lowered with about 18 points. Torbjörn Jansson gets responsible for the testing. Deep Thought beats as the first computer a grandmaster under serious tournament conditions, namely the danish Bent Larsen. This years ACM-tournament was won by Deep Thought 0.02. Fidelity Mach 2b become the best computer in Aegon with a TPR on 2176. Hans Pahlén become assistent editor for PLY.


We get a new leader on this years first list. Mephisto Almeria 68020 12 MHz with 2136. WC in Edmonton was won as expected by Deep Thought. Fidelity Mach IV 68020 20 MHz takes the lead in the list 2154. There are now 590 members. At Aegon the best program was Mach IV+ with a TPR on 2398. In micro-WC in Portoroz took Richard Lang his sixth straight title with Mephisto X. The level on the ratinglist gets a huge lowering with about 70 points. Deep Thought won a game against GM Robert Byrne at tournamentlevel. Kasparov did beat DT in two games though. In the ACM-tournament both Hitech and Deep Thought scored 4 points. Mephisto Portorose 68020 12 MHz is ahead on this years last list with 2159. Mike Valvo beats DT in a corrmatch with 2-0. Fidelity makes a learning function in there programs.


Thoralf Karlsson takes over the testing business. And Hans Pahlén become the only editor. The supermachine Mephisto Portorose 68030 36 MHz, price $6 000:-, takes the lead on the list with 2332! Deep Thought beats David Levy in a match with 4-0. DT also wins a tournament game against Tony Miles in American Open. But loses against Karpov at Harvard. For the first time in PLY:s history the level is raised with 24 points. The best computer in Aegon was Hitech, with a victory against GM David Bronstein. Micro-WC was held in Lyon and was won by Mephisto 68030 50 MHz. The program went to New York and shared the first place in ACM with Deep Thought –88.

1991                                                                                                          UP

Ed Schröder's program Gideon won this years micro-WC in Vancouver. We get a new leader on the list, namely Mephisto Lyon 68030 36 MHz. Deep Thought II took 2,5/7 in a GM-tournament in Hannover. Highest computerrating in Aegon had Mephisto 60 MHz with 2525! In the last list this year takes Mephisto Vancouver 68030 36 MHz the first place with 2274. DT II won ACM. Since a while back Feng Hsu is working with DT II.


Lyon takes back the lead on the list. Best computer in Aegon was Vancouver 68030 62 MHz with 2473. This years WC in Madrid was won by ChessMachine Schröder ARM 32 MHz. A version of this, ChessMachine Schröder 3.0 30 MHz takes over the first place on the list with 2350! SSDF starts a BBS with the name Grottan, created by Göran Grottling.


This years ACM-tournament was won by Socrates 2 486/50 MHz. It's the first time a PC-program wins in the tournaments 23-year old history. The program is written by Larry Kaufman and Don Dailey. This years first list have ChessMachine King 2.0 30 MHz aggr on top. Programmer is Johan de Koning. Deep Blue (former Deep Thought) lost a match against GM Bent Larsen with 1.5-2.5, 0+ 3= 1-. SSDF decides that a program must have played at least 100 games before entering the list. Best program in Aegon was CM King Aegon with 2593! Micro-WC in Munich was won by Hiarcs which is weitten by Mark Uniacke. An era is over. For the first time is a PC-program on top of the list, namely Mephisto Genius 2.0 486/50-66 MHz with 2364! So is Richard Lang back on the throne again.


Best program in Aegon was Gideon 2.0 Pentium 60 MHz with 2461. Fritz 3.0 Pentium 90 shared first place with Kasparov in a GM-blitztournament in Münich! The program was written by Frans Morsch. Kasparov lost a speedchess game against Genius Pentium. Deep Thought II was back and won ACM. SSDF:s programtesting has now taken the step in to the computerage, and can now on test automatically. Tanks to Chrilly Donningers Auto232-program and a cable can two PC:s play against each other with different chessprograms. There is also PC-sensorboards where you can play against your program on.

1995                                                                                                         UP

Genius 3.0 Pentium 90 MHz leads the first list with 2440. Fritz 3.0 Pentium 90 MHz made a IM result in Godesberg, Germany. Rating 2452. Fritz won WC in Hongkong before Deep Blue! Chess Genius X P90 become the best program in Aegon with 2662! Micro-WC in Paderborn was won by Mchess Pro 5.0, created by Marty Hirsch. This program also takes the first place on the last list for the year. On a Pentium 90 MHz it gets 2458. The membernumber have sunk below 500. SSDF gets a homepage on Internet thanks to Bo Sjögren.


Kasparov beats Deep Blue in a match with 4-2. DB won the first game. SSDF have 25 active testers. In Aegon became Quest the best program with 2603. Programmer, Frans Morsch. Genius3 P90 makes a comeback on the first place on the list. But Ed Schröder takes over, with Rebel8 P90 on 2473 ratingpoints. Micro-WC in Jakarta was won by Schredder on a Pentium Pro 200. Written by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen.


Urban Koistinen become new editor. Tony Hedlund gets the responsibility for the database with testgames, which he publish on he's homepage. Deep Blue take revange on Kasparov and wins sensationally the match with 3.5-2.5! Best program in Aegon was surprisingly Kallisto with 2632, made by Bart Weststrate/Jan Louwman. Mark Uniacke's Hiarcs6 P200 MMX takes over the first place on list with remarkable 2587! The program beats IM Deen Hergott in a match with 4-2. IBM annonce officielly that the Deep Blue project is off. Micro-WC in Paris was won by Junior on a PII 300. Amir Ban and Shay Bushinsky have made the program. Göran Grottling quits! It was he who took the initiativ to start a separate swedish computerchess association. Göran also started SSDF:s ratinglist.


Frans Morsch's Fritz5 P200 MMX takes the first place on this years firs list with 2589. 55 points better then the second! The Aegon-tournament ceases. The number of members is now down at 300. Gandalf3 is 356 points better then the earlier 2.1. It's the highest enhancement in the SSDF history. Congratulation Steen Suurballe. PLY ceases. Thoralf Karlsson continues the testing together with the most dedicated testers.                                                                      UP