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Here I've put together some, as I think, interesting chess links:


Sveriges Schackförbund (The Swedish ChessUnion)

SSKK (Swedish Correspondence Chess Committee)

Mark Crowther (The Week In Chess report with lots of games)

IECG (Play chess by email!)

SSDF (SSDF homepage)

SDSF (The Swedish Deafness ChessUnion)

Computer Chess Club (A place for discussions, tournament results, programming......)

ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation)

ChessMail (A complement to the above site)

Chessbase (Databases and chess engines)

Gunnar Blomstrand (SSDF-member. A lot of links to a lot of links. Testresults)

Rebel (A lot of interesting stuff!)

FIDE (World Chess Federation)

ICC (Play chess online, look at big events) 

John Knudsen (Do you like Correspondence Chess, visit this site) 

Hans-Christian Lykke (SSDF-member. A personal site)  

Database (Chessbase online database)  

Andreas Schwartmann  (A lot of tests, tournaments and links)  

FICS   (Free Internet Chess Server)  

Sarah Bird  (Chessfun's Chess Pages with a lot of testplaying)   

Bobby Fischer  (Fanclub)  

ChessWorld  (Chess search engine, submit your own chess site. Chess contest, games, software, PGN files and interesting links)  

PlayChess  (Play tournaments with slow time controls)    

Eric Hallsworth   (Selective search ratings and reviews)  

MECCA  (Encyclopedia of Chess)   

Chess Kit  (A lot of things about chess)    

The Chesshaven   (Here you find a little bit of everything related to chess)

The Chess Portal  (More then 700 links to just about everything about chess)

Tiger  (The author of Chess- and Gambit Tiger, Christophe Theron's own site) 

Chess Town  (An interesting site by Arman Sabciyan)

Arena  (Arena is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess programs by Martin Blume)   

Chess4children   (Joe Hanley's site were he teach children to play chess)      

Chess Visualisation Training  (Jan Matthies site for mastering the art of visualisation, "blindfolded chess")  

Kurt & Rolf Chess  (Homepage of Kurt Utzinger and Rolf Bühler with a lot of interesting topics)  

Matador  (Ed Schröder's own site where he reveal the story about Rebel and the art of chess programming)  

995chess  (An affordable complete chess game for your Palm OS handheld)

Majestic Chess  (Strategy+Adventure=Chess excitement for a new generation)

Digi Chess  (John Marountas site with news from the computer chess world)        

Tanya Jones   (Author of "Survival Guide for Chess Parents" and "Trotter's Bottom", a comic novel about chess)        

Your Move Chess and Games  (America's largest selection of chess sets, chess boards, chess pieces, computer chess and chess software)

Lawrence Totaro  (This site features rare autographs and chess related memorabilia for any player and historian alike)         

Play Online chess at  (Eydun Lamhauge's website that contain various chess programming resources) (Peter Skinner's great site about Robert Hyatt's program Crafty)   

Rybka (The home of Vasik Rajlich new super engine)        

Chess on the web (A comprehensive chess portal designed to provide customers with a unique, content rich web based experience)

The Chess (An informative chess portal)

Infinity Chess (Provides worldwide connectivity for human-to-human, engine-to-engine, and human-to-engine matches)