The peaces of life is all around
us and give content and meaningfulness

The The thought’s gives the joy or makes us dream or understand. Books, pictures, causeries or our hole puzzle of life
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My books

The man in the moon boat
Only in swedish for the moment

Five trilogies 1
Three love’s, three literary room’s, three god’s, three journeys, three wells of truth.

Follow the man on three journeys:
The journey along the river of life, his internal journey or his journey to his friend Efraim
Or the philosophic journey of mankind from Sumer, through Egypt, and all the way to the endless searching for an existence that seems lost 

Drawings and paintings from the author

Read the first chapter

The man and the ocean of the stars
Continue from the first book, The man in the moon boat

Five trilogies II
Makes you think of:
Three love’s, three literary room’s, three god’s, three journeys, three wells of truth.

The man has been lost in his past, where he made a long walk, just like the Greek hero Theseus, and where he was fighting a huge monster, a Minotaur.
It is then a cunning woman who gives him the wool tread that causes him to find out from the labyrinth again, just as Ariadne, in Greek epic, and he finds the well of life

Click here to read the first chapter

The human

My articles about people, leadership and changing conditions
Causeries that amuses, confuses and annoys not translated

Thoughts about people, near you or far from
Meetings in the crowd, a glimpse or a smile
They can get books to come. Here are some of the causeries I've written.

Poems, light thoughts that weighed anchor

A play with rhythms and life's trivialities, as I see it.
Perhaps terrestrial and everyday, but not hardbacked and reserved.

My lessons
History, filosofi, teknic, ekonomy, leadership

My historical guiding of town Gothenburg

to be translated
Flowers to all my friends
(not yet translated)