Narrative comes from the assumption that everything is about stories, narrative or narrator. This is a selection of my paintings and my themes. All paintings are made with acrylic paint on canvas. For me, it's about telling stories.

DISTANCES / MOVING / INTIMACY In movement, in time, in space and in mind. But also in shapes, surfaces and colour. To be changing but at the same time being secure. One surface against another, a shape that turns through an incident just as movements in life affect each other. While we are closer than ever to those physically far from us, it is also possible to distance ourselves from the people nearest to us. Through our different touch points we can follow the every day lives of our far away friends without having to be an active part in them. At the same time this can make us estrange ourselves from those closest to us but enable socialising at a distance. Where a look meets someone’s back, a greeting meets a nod and an intimate secret is stored in the cloud. A longing for intimacy can in thoughts and actions lead us closer to each other.

"Lennart Samor portrays his reflections in a series of paintings where bold colours meet passive areas. Meandering movements through events and depths without any apparent logic. Motifs from people’s lives give substance to the telling of fragments from every day life like a collage. Through an uncommon spontaneous basketball game or a common social media update, Lennart Samor tells a narrative that passively comments on his life and every day events. A motif that shows a quick social media post (in an internet feed) which will be forgotten within an hour, will be retained for all time as a painting. A selfie painted on canvas turns into a portrait of an era. A memory from a certain place, a meadow in the forest or a stretch of summer-warm, pine-scented beach."


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Östersund - Sweden 12-27 okt 2024

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