Biathlon: Colour of biathlon
A long-standing collaboration with the Swedish biathlon organization. Mainly in connection with the World Cup premiere in Östersund. Exhibitions at the Arena and hotels in connection with competitions. In addition, annual print by Fine art Print. Finished now. (examples of works of art / paintings)

Inlandsresan: Art-project
The project examines living conditions and everyday life in a Swedish region which in the mass media, among others, is usually described rather one-sidedly and negatively. Overall, questions are asked about the relationship between the place of residence and being. A car journey is carried out along the inland road where data material in the form of films, photos, sketches and interviews are collected, mainly during home visits to people living in the region. After analysis and reconstruction, the project culminates in a traveling exhibition along the itinerary with paintings, texts and film. (examples of works of art / paintings)

Illusions: A number of collage sketches where I take the motifs from furniture and mail order catalogs that can create an unrealistic illusion of perfection. If the perfect room is inhabited by the perfect man then surely everything should be perfect? The sketches / collages become large paintings where I let price and text from catalogs follow into the painting. (examples of works of art / paintings)

a fictional family: A fictional family that I portray and that I will tell about in paintings over the years. The family will develop, change and age. The family's story is told with a few paintings during each exhibition. Paused project. (examples of works of art / paintings)