All of this is free, pre-rendered stock footage. All clips has an alpha channel and should be very simple to just import into any video editing software, contact me in case it isn't. They are probably easiest to view in quicktime. If you manage to make anything cool with this, please send me an email, it would be awesome to see what happens with my creations. I'll keep updating these and make new cooler ones as i go about with my life. You can do whatever you wish with this footage except for redistributing them unaltered, credit is very appreciated.

Smoke shockwave

Resolution: 1024x576px
Size: 5.23MB
Range: 50 Frames over 2s
Download(Right click + Save as)

Explosion transition

Resolution: 1440x810px
Size: 142MB
Range: 100 Frames over 4s
Download(Right click + Save as)

Explosion with ground obstacle

Resolution: 1920x1080px
Size: 85MB
Range: 200 Frames over 8.5s
Download(Right click + Save as)

Small aerial explosion

Resolution: 512x512px
Size: 5.15MB
Range: 69 Frames over 3s
Download(Right click + Save as)

Smoke pillar

Resolution: 753x1080px
Size: 28MB
Range: 250 Frames over 10s
Download(Right click + Save as)