I am a 24 year old swedish person living in sweden. I have a lovely lady and a lovely son.
I am currently employed as a nurse, a murse if you will.
Recently I have decided to seek my fortune in the field of digital graphics.
Graphical design and animation has always been a passion of mine and i seek to turn it into a job of mine.
Mainly I am looking for freelance work but i might also be interested in employment.
I have done some small commercial works for Striving records and El burrito Loco.
So although i am new, I am not brand new.
I work fast and i never send ugly jobs to the client.

I work well with Adobe after FX, Photoshop, Mypaint and Blender 3d.

Also, note that i do have the resources and software to 3dtrack footage and integrate 3d graphics, like the effects from the freestuff releases into shot footage.
If you are interested in my services, please email me at www.perpendicular.st@gmail.com