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WCAA-Sweden Headquarter(HQ) in Stockholm Akalla with WingChun Academy IF Stockholm

Content list (Innehållsförtäckning)

  1. Target group (Målgrupp)
  2. Setup & Prerequisite (Upplägg och förutsättningar)
  3. Dates & Time (Datum & Tider)
  4. Places & Address (Platser)
  5. Apply (Ansökan)
  6. Fees (Avgifter)
  7. Payment (Betalning)
  8. Contact (Kontakt)

Target group:


Prerequisite :

Since our linage is using traditional WingChun pedagogic with academic approach, please consider the following:

Dates & Time :

Spring & Autumn term :

Practitioner group :
Instructor group :

Summer term:


Stockholm Kista stadsdel

Apply :

Apply for WingChun education / training
On-line application web forms

Send following info to
  1. E-mail address (E-post) ? - not work email
  2. Forename (Förnamn) ?
  3. Surname (Efternamn) ?
  4. Gender (Kön) ?
  5. Identity number (Personnummer)?
  6. Street (Gatuadress med nummer) ?
  7. Postcode (Postnummer 5 siffor) ?
  8. Residence / City area (Postort)
  9. Country (Land) ?
  10. Mobile number (Mobil) ?
  11. Age (Ålder) ?
  12. Occupation (Yrke) or study objective (studieinrikting) ?
  13. Earlier experiences of WingChun or other martial arts ? [CV] (TTidigare erfarenheter av WingChun eller andra kampsporter [meritförtäckning] ) ?
  14. Where & how [URL or search word] on the internet did you find us? ( Ange URL eller sökord internet där du hittade oss ?)
  15. Why do you think our WingChun system is best just for you ? ( Varför tror du att vårt WingChun System passar just dig ? )
  16. Which term do you apply for ? {Spring, Autumn, Summer}
  17. Apply for become WingChun instructor i.e. Become Indoor Students with full obligations ? {Yes, No}
  18. Will you fulfil/comply to the requirements WCAA-Sweden puts on you according to the agreement here ? ( Kan du fullfölja de krav som WCAA-Sweden har på dig enligt avtalet här ? ) {Yes, No}

Fees :

We are an non-profit academy and without any subsidy from the government or other organizations by e.g. providing children activities or courses etc. therefore will our fees vary per term, since it is totally depending on expected number of participants for cover all costs, then it is important that you are price flexible and pay in time for support us.

Note: latest fee are under the On-line Payment !
  1. First try lesions is free, only during the start date for beginners!
  2. No late payments
  3. No cash payments
  4. The price will NOT be reduced for drop-in during the term.
  5. Yearly association fee is for Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (SB&K) via WingChun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) that covers the training accident insurance and for be part of the WAIS organisation development.
  6. Support license is for cover the right to use WCAA educational IT tools, resources, framework and brand

Payment :

Payment for the fees
No cash, only on-line payment here via Payson


Chief instructor (Sifu) contact

Sifu: Peter Yeung
E-mail :
SMS: +467080702670652 works only for SMS in office hours
Speaks: Swedish, English, Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin (PuTongHua).

For saving time, please read our web content and Question and Answers about WCAA WingChun system before asking relevant questions.
My vCard (Electronic business card)

Contact me for free :

www.wechat.comMobile scan my QR code for contact me via WeChat My WeChat id: peter_yeung_

General contact and KAM for MENA partnership:

Name : Jeandark (also known as JD)
Email :
Mobile : 072 39 58 670
Speaks : Swedish, English, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish.

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