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No additives, just pure death!

Phidion was formed by Christos Chatzikonstandinos in a suburb of Stockholm in 2003, after the demise of the melodic death metal act Ruins of Time.

The original line up of Phidion featured Martin Missy on vocals and long time friend Mathias Öjermark on guitar and released one demo in 2007 and one EP in 2012. Right after that, the line up split up, leaving Christos on his own, while the other members continued with their 70's rock band Obrero.

Christos joined forces with a brand new line up in 2012. Since then the band has been more active than ever, playing concerts in Sweden and been on a small east European tour in 2015 as well as some gigs in 2017 in Bulgaria and Romania with the black metal band Siniestro, and also played in Dubai in March 2019.

They have since recorded their debut album called "The Throes of Scourge" during the spring/summer of 2016 at Audiogrind Studios which was recorded and mixed by Linus Nirbrant (This Ending, A Canorous Quintet). Now, Phidion has a steady line up with Christos on guitar, Fredrik Pihlström on guitar, Oliver Palmquist on vocals, Peter Pettersson on drums and Olof Landin on bass.


Christos - Guitars


Oliver - Vocals


Peter - Drums


Olof - Bass


Fredrik - Guitars

Past members:
Johan Klevenskog - Bass, Backing vocals (2012-2016)
Magnus Wakander - Guitars (2013-2014)
Albert Wifstrand - Drums (2012-2014)
Jacob Alberts - Drums (2010-2012)
Martin Missy - Vocals (2003-2012)
Alex Zaino - Drums (2003-2009)
Mathias Öjermark - Guitars (2003-2007)


These are our releases.

The Throes of Scourge

The Throes of Scourge

Swarming Spectres

Swarming Spectres

Mother Pestilence

Mother Pestilence

Ten Years of Eternal Insomnia

Ten Years of Eternal Insomnia

Flesh of the Forsaken

Flesh of the Forsaken

Alive at Brother Tuck

Alive at Brother Tuck

Demo 2007

Demo 2007

Paranoia Panorama

Paranoia Panorama

Metal Kross Productions vol.2

Metal Kross Productions Vol.2

Fear Candy

Fear Candy #161

Priming Metal Vol. II

Priming Metal Vol II


Go to our YouTube channel for more videos.


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The Throes of Scourge

The Throes of Scourge - €12

Mother Pestilence

Mother Pestilence - €3

The Seal of Phidion - T-Shirt

T-Shirt (The Seal of Phidion) - €18

Patch - The Seal of Phidion

Vowen patch 10cm - €6

Coaster - The Seal of Phidion

Cardboard coaster - €4

Badge - Snake Logo 32mm

Snake 32mm badge - €1

Badge - Metallic Logo 25mm

Metallic 25mm badge - €1

Black T-Shirt with white logo

Black T-Shirt (Logo) - €10

Embroidered logo patch

Embroidered patch (10x5,5cm) - €3