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Download "Forgery to hide lack of seaworthiness" (379 K pdf, an excerpt)

"Forgery to hide lack of seaworthiness" (html, an excerpt)

Download the complete report "Urkundsförfalskning för att dölja bristande sjövärdighet" (650 K pdf only in Swedish)

M/V Estonia report 1999.06.14 (a translated excerpt)
A Port State Control was conducted on 27 September 1994 in Tallinn before departure. A considerable number of deficiencies were discovered on this occasion, 14 were noted in a report of which 5 were serious enough to detain the ship from departure. M/V Estonia was not seaworthy. The Independent Fact Group shows that the copy of the Port State Control protocol printed in the JAIC's final report is a forgery. (Our full report is only available in Swedish)

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"Analysis of IMO A 849 (2.0)" (html)

M/V Estonia report 1999.10.20
UN-resolution. When new evidence relating to any casualty is presented, which may materially alter the determination of the circumstances under which the marine casualty occurred, States should reconsider their findings.

Download "Impossible visor scenario" (550 K pdf, an excerpt)

"Impossible visor scenario" (html, an excerpt)

Download the complete report "Impossible visor scenario" (1100 K pdf)

M/V Estonia report 2000.01.01
In this report, the Independent Fact Group shows that JAIC's scenario regarding the loss of the visor, described in the final report was impossible. The Independent Fact Group shows both that it was impossible that the visor was lost in the way the Commission concluded, and as a result of this, that the ramp could never have been forced open by the visor. The forces in a forward direction presented by the Commission are a mix up of reaction forces and resultants from the wave impacts. The Commission used the reaction forces in order to obtain forces strong enough to break the visor loose.

Download "Recovery damage to the visor" (780 K pdf, an excerpt)

"Recovery damage to the visor" (html, an excerpt)

Download the complete report "Recovery damage to the visor" (1700 K pdf )

M/V Estonia report 2000.05.01
In this report, the Independent Fact Group shows that damage to the visor was caused by the visor recovery operations, and that the Commission failed or did not care to identify damage related to the recovery. As a consequence, the damage to the visor has been consistently identified as caused by the "loss of the visor", and was identified by the Commission as directly related to the sinking of the MV Estonia. The Independent Fact Group shows that it is probable that a considerable proportion of the damages previously found to be a result of the loss of the visor, was instead the result of the recovery operation.

"Non-evaluated damages and misleading conclusions" - (html)


The International MV Estonia Seminar, Stockholm 29-30 May 2000
Paper NF-5 by the Independent Fact Group prove that the JAIC made incorrect conclusions regarding the mating boxes on the ramp, the preventer wires for the ramp and the bottom plating on the visor. Further more JAIC did not manage to identify nor evaluate the missing ramp railings (cut off and found at the seabed), the severe damage to the bulbous bow (port underside), and finally the hole in the hull.

M/V Estonia Visor riddle - (html)

The picture of the visor "standing" on the side of the ship! - 2000.12.24
The Independent Fact Group Visor riddle ask for an explanation of the mysterious facts presented below. This is something for you to look in to, explain, judge or just accept. Our intention with this findings and our limited analyze of the material is not to hold it as conclusive evidence for any scenario. It is to question whether or not it by coincidence was possible to create pictures showing an identical object with the visor, standing on the side of the ship after the accident.

M/V Estonia - the last voyage - (html)

M/V Estonia report "Partial status report" - 2001.02.11
This report is what we have chosen to call a "partial status report". In that respect the report is different from earlier reports. The reason for the change of format is that the subject is so extensive that it can not be presented in the one and same report. This "partial status report - the last voyage" focus on the first part of the voyage.

The aim with this report is to show that the route concluded by JAIC is incorrect. The JAIC route was used to support their scenario on how M/V Estonia could loose her visor. This report will reveal the sloppy investigation work performed by JAIC and further more call for a new investigation of the disaster.

M/V Estonia deformation riddle - (html)

What caused the damage, a plastic deformation, on the starboard front bulkhead? - 2001.12.24
The Independent Fact Group ask for the explanation, and present a number fo facts below. Our intention with this riddle is not to prove conclusive evidence for any scenario. We only want an answer to why the damage on the starboard side of the front bulkhead is of a different type in relation to the corresponding damage on the port side.

M/V Estonia analysis - damage on the forward bulkhead - (html)

Non conclusive damage explanation, damage on the forward bulkhead of MV Estonia - 2002.12.24
This report imposes further "impossible" and unpleasant facts. The Independent Fact Group show that JAIC's explanation regarding damage above the starboard visor locking lug is incorrect. Furthermore, when analysed, the damage can not have occurred unless the starboard visor locking lug itself was detached from the ship when the damage happend. There is just one "minor problem", the visor locking lug is still attached to the ship.

M/V Estonia - 10 years after the disaster.

September 28th 2004, ten years have passed since the loss of MV Estonia. The cause of the sinking has not been investigated - 2004.09.28

No hole in the hull below the water line?

M/V Estonia - Finding the Estonia bow visor

The written information sent between members in the JAIC tell a new story - 2006.04.03

The visor was found no later than the 9th of October 1994.

M/V Estonia analysis - activities at M/V Estonia between 1994 and 1996

Analysis of the forward bulkhead 1994 versus 1996 - 2006.04.04
In these analysis, the Independent Fact Group shows that the video films taken by JAIC in 1994 and 1996 (oil recovering) on the wreck of M/V Estonia, reveals, among other things, that extensive activities has been performed on the wreck after December 1994 and before the summer of 1996.

M/V Estonia - What the divers saw at the car deck of MV Estonia

Analysis of a video film recorded by divers investigating the car deck - 2006.04.09
In this report the Independent Fact Group for the first time show pictures taken on the MV Estonia car deck, pictures that without doubt show that somebody after the disaster when the ship was resting on the seabed, detonated explosives inside the actuator room where the hydraulics for the ramp and visor was situated. The pictures also show that the divers under the lead of the Swedish National Maritime Administration, Johan Franson, has seen, filmed and investigated the damage from explosions that penetrated several bulkheads at the car deck.

M/V Estonia - Non official videos from the wreck of MV Estonia can give new answers

Analysis of the circumstances regarding non official videos from the wreck of MV Estonia - 2006.04.15
In this report the Independent Fact Group shows that there were an substantial amount of non official filming made from the wreck of MV Estonia during 1996, this in spite of the Agreement and law that states that the MV Estonia and the (defined) surrounding area shall be regarded as a final place of rest for victims of the disaster, and such shall be afforded appropriate respect. Several videos were (and are) still not official and more than 20 hours of film are still in Finnish custody. If analysed those recordings may give new information and answers regarding the circumstances and events of the disaster of the ship.

MV Estonia - Possible reasons behind a cover up regarding the MV Estonia disaster

Analysis of the relation between possible investigation levels and influence from different parties - 2006.04.25
In this report the Independent Fact Group for the first time officially show the complex involvement from different parties that have no or little interest in a new Independent Investigation of the MV Estonia disaster. Our graphic analysis are based on the findings where it over the years have been proved that the parties described have had a substantial reason to hide, cover up or avoid the truth.