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Site structure:

The first page that opens view the "Home" page where the frame to the left links to general information as for example to this page. It is also here you can change to an other language.

In the top there is a frame with the different "Main Subjects" of the site. There are six subjects and those are:

News: Information of special interest.

Estonia: The Independent Fact Groups Estonia investigation.

Safety: Inspections of safety on board ferries on regular routes and matters related to safety on ships.

Investigations: Other investigations.

Projects: Development projects initiated and led by the Independent Fact Group.

Forum: The Lighthouse Forum is a "Speakers Corner" open for you.

When you have changed to any "Main Subject" you always have the left frame for links to any file related to this subject.


Some pictures to explain the site structure.

Moving the mouse over the subjects in the top and then clicking changes to the main Fact Group subject.



After changing to any of the "main subject", clicking a link to the left display's the file.

Reports and pdf-files are viewed in a separate window. If you are ready with a file, just close the window. We recommend you to use the "html" version when such is available.

There are no "back buttons" in the site, use the browsers "back" button if necessary.