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IT-consultant at CGI Sverige.


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Born 1954-08-27
Lived in Falun 1955-1966
Moved to Borlänge 1966
Maskintekniskt Gymnasium 1970-1974
Postverket 1970-1975
SSAB 1975-1987

Grafisk Teknologi, Högskolan Borlänge 1984-1986
Stora Data 1987-1994
WM-data 1994-1996
Stora Grycksbo 1996-2000
WM-data / Logica / CGI 2000-2021

My home outside Internet, is Borlänge in the county of Dalarna in Sweden.

Married 1992 to Ingalill with two children Elin and Jenny.

50 years anniversary

My pedigree



Personal Interests

Family, beer, badminton, cooking, skiing, IT and music.   
I have been an active member of Amnesty International and I still support their work for human rights and against the death penalty.
I am also concerned about our environment. I'm a member of SNF.
I have been a blood-donor since 1974.
I am chairman of the local union at Logica in Dalarna.

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