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Issue 11 - Date 17 September 2005

Hare was Abenet "Penis Boy" and Solomon "Horny Boy" and today 15 hasher gather to have this wonderful run ever and the weather was perfect for being autumn the run was around Mölndal . We all met in Bifrost Kyrkan  then the GM told us about the run and told us we have to walk few minutes to get the starting point.

We all began the run most of   hasher was walking  and while we walking we teach the new hasher what to say when they find the right trail On! On!  The sun was shining while every body enjoying walking and running  .we got the first checking point and the front runner bustards went finding the right trail after finding the trail Jerk off shout on! On! And we all follow him and keeping walking , running..

As mentioned the day was stunning with the sun and we all get to the hash hold and wait for the rest of the hasher was in the back and watching the view of between Mölndal and Gothenburg city it was beautiful . Every one came to the hash hold and we start keep on heating the trail  and there was also hash view and it was great hash view.

After every body came back from the run we all got cold beer and some snacks which was good because every one was trusty and tired . The GM went to get pizza and came back with this awesome fresh pizza .

GM Penis Boy called on us and gathered the pack for a circle and they hares got they drinks and kicked out from the circle . we had some new comers and visitors hashers they been called in to the circle Britta, Harry "Haegan", Jennie, Patrik, Helen, Daniel so they got the obligatory down-downs for that. We  all wish  them welcome back!

Sinners was one of the hare Solomon "Horny Boy" for being hare and he was afraid  that he will get dirty while sating the trail . Mats "Hairy Nuts" the GM wrote him about the run and for not get answer ( Hairy nuts learn to see your e-mail). Marie was talking a lot while the GM in the circle so she got dowm dowm.

After singing more hymns it was time to summon up and close the circle. Everybody looked happy and got even happier  when  Siv "Addis Black Widow" invited all of us for more beer and win in her house we had great time there . Thanks Siv!!!

It was great run with great weather!

On! On!

I proudly will love to announce The Gothenburg hash for the rest of the world who is hasher that we have change our old name Mölndal hash to Gothenburg Hash by keeping the Mölndal hash old tradition .

 I would love to Thank to Stockholm hasher who was with us for our special day on the 30th of July and for being there for us  . They really make our day   wonderful ( well some of them slept in the bar while we drinking )  it was really great moment for all of us.

 I hope we will see you guys again ( do we dare do have them again ?).  Thank you again for being there for us and drink our beer………………….

 Well the 30th of July it was a great moment for all of us except the rain pouring the all day but that didn’t stop the great hasher we kept going and took our beer and enjoy it even more.

 As a GM I will love to thank also Mölndal hasher for giving there full time and help to make it possible GREAT JOB Mölndal hasher!!! ( well Gothenburg hasher).


On! On!




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